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Club Manila East

Club Manila East is definitely the place to be during summer.

In only the span of 12 short years, this resort has grown to be the multi-recreational getaway destination in humble Taytay, Rizal.

What? Taytay, Rizal? Yes, in Taytay, Rizal which is only about 30 minutes from Pasig and an hour or two from Manila.

The resort offers the ultimate summer fun experience with their 7 hectare resort and as a first timer, I thought I was going to get lost.


Funtasy Lagoon



The Funtasy Lagoon is a 9100 square pool for the adventurous as this huge pool offers the chance to go kayaking or surfbiking, also known as water bicycles. This lagoon, which is a smaller version of Laguna Bay (at least in the shape) is divided into 5 different pools – the kiddie pool, two pools for adults, a huge pool covered by screens above for the sun conscious guests and another pool that you can easily spot from the entrance because of its 30ft high slide.

Funtasy Lagoon with Slide and Fountain


Sunscreened Pool


Funtasy Lagoon


The cabanas surrounding the lagoon, which were named after the towns near Laguna de Bay can fit 20 people and includes a shower and bath.

Across the lagoon, way over on the other side is a bean shaped pool that’s a little secluded from the rest of the main activities.

To your right, from the entrance is the lap pool that stretches up to 25 meters. This pool is commonly used in training for water sports and swimming lessons.

Lap Pool


Launched in 2007, the BeachWaves expanding to 19000 square feet, is CME’s first wave pool. With a machine that creates 8 different patterns of waves with heights up to 4 ft, this pool, made Club Manila East hotter every summer. This pool is used for the surfing lessons.



Another pool was built in 2008. The Buzzy River is a 600 foot man-made stream that flows across 16000 square feet. This is the famous pool where you can sit on rubber tubes and go through the riverbanks, under waterfalls and bridges while enjoying the view and the experience.

Buzzy River

Then, came the launch of the OceanWaves pool in 2009 – thus, solidifying CME’s status of being the resort with the biggest wave pool in the Philippines. With a total area of 10 basketball courts or more, this pool had also solidified Club Manila East’s status as the best resort in Rizal, offering you a close to home experience of the beach and of the ocean. The waves in this pool rises up to a level of 1.5 meters high. This pool is divided into three, the first was a diving pool with a tall wall of rocks that eventually broke down into levels where you can jump. This pool is deep of up to 14 ft, so utmost caution must be taken. The middle pool is a family pool and the last division is where all the surfing fun was going to take place.

Dive Pool
Family Pool
Surfing Pool

Club Manila East also offers overnight accommodations for those who want to experience night life in the resort as well as for seminars and conferences.

The Dona Luz Hillsview has 40 Villas that can accommodate families and barkadas. These villas are furnished with:

Air Condition
2 single beds
1 Sofa bed
Hot and cold shower
Cable television
Microwave oven
Dining area


The Don Renato Garden has 40 villas that can provide a great place for couples to retreat and have quiet moments for themselves. These villas are furnished with:


Air Condition
1 matrimonial bed or 2 single beds
A dining area
Hot and cold shower
Microwave oven
Outdoor Mini Pool
Cable Television



For conferences, seminars, weddings, debuts and other large grouped events, activities can be held at the Dona Remedios Social Hall. This hall is large enough to accommodate 1000 guests and has a projector, white screen, white board as well as a sound system.


Food is also widely available at the resort with the Dona Nella restaurant that serves the Filipino and continental menu at an affordable price. The restaurant can serve guests even if they are in their cabanas. Other sources of food can also be found in other places around the resort like Jolibee.


Along with their Surfing Competition held on April 17th 2011, Club Manila East also openly promoted their newest addition to their resort – the CME FLY which will be officially opened on April 19. The CME Fly is 6 floors high and 360 meters long. It starts from the back of the OceanWaves pool and ends all the way to the other side of the resort at the Giant Slide. This addition is definitely one to visit at CME for even more adrenaline rush experience. The CME Fly is currently on its promo rate of P150 only.



What are you waiting for? Spend summer at Club Manila East where every summer fun activity is accessible.



How to Get to Club Manila East?

Take a jeep going to Angono, Binangonan – make sure it will pass Double Highway or at least Taytay Bagong Palengke.

At the jeep, tell the drive Taytay Bagong Palengke or Club Manila East. Get down at the market or in front of McDonalds and from there you can walk or take a tribike to the main entrance of Club Manila East.

For those with private cars, just follow the road going to Angono, Binangonan from Double Highway and stop at the Bagong Palengke in Taytay. There’s also an alternate entrance if you turn right into the market and follow the road to Floodway. There’s a sign just ahead as to where to turn left to Club Manila East. If you’re coming from C5, Legaspi Bridge, Mariwasa Bridge, Manggahan or De Castro, take the road going through Floodway until you reach the cross section near the Fish Port. The right road will lead you back to Pasig, going straight to Binangonan.

Turn left as this will lead you to Taytay Bagong Palengke. There’s a sign on your right leading you to the alternate entrance. Take this and there’s a series of roads (although there aren’t any building around except for CME) to follow until you get to the main entrance.


For more information about Surfing at Club Manila East, visit www.clubmanilaeast.com.

You can also contact them at 660-2801 / 02 284-4740/41.

Don’t forget to add Club Manila East on Facebook!

Club Manila East Presents: 2nd Surfing Competition

On April 17th, 2011 Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal held their 2nd Surfing Competition at their Ocean Wave pool. Being the loser that I am for not having been to the resort even if I only live in Cainta, I had been curious about the resort for many years now (since I was in High School) and when I first heard that they were going to have a surfing competition, I just had to go see what Club Manila East had to offer.

The answer to that was a lot – and I mean it, a lot.

The surfing competition was scheduled at 1pm and bloggers had their own cabanas right in front of the Ocean Waves pool.

The Ocean Waves pool, launched in 2009 has an area of more than the total area of 10 basketballs. If you’ve been to a basketball court, times that by 10 and you know what I mean. The pool was huge.

This pool is also the first in the country wherein you can actually surf. How, you may ask? This is because the powerful waves in this pool rises up to a whopping 1.5 meters high which is yes, very much enough to surf in.

The Surfing Competition is divided into three classifications: the kids division, women’s division and the men’s division. Mind you, this competition is for beginners only.

Hosted by Paolo Soler, the event began at around 2pm starting with the kids division.

Paolo Soler on Interview

The kids played an adorable competition, with their small bodies and the huge surfboards. As they paddle out into the pool and the waves, we could only assume how’d they be doing.

Surprisingly, for me, who has never tried out surfing before, I completely underestimated these kids when the competition began.

Apparently, the kids – small, as they were, are darlings on the board. One of them, I enjoyed watching – was so small, but when she was on the board, she rocked it like she was flying over waves much higher than she was. What an inspiration! You can only wonder how even better she’d be a few years later.

Here are the winners of the Kid’s Division:

Champion – Tereze Lumdang
2nd Place – Ramon Santillan
3rd Place – Cayna Gemora
4th Place – Tiki Santillan

Tereze Lumdang is a wonder on the board. Here is a shot of her in one of her amazing run over the waves.


The Women’s Division was a very interesting competition especially because most of the surfers here were probably my age and I wanted to see how they would handle the board.

When I watched the women paddle out and hit waves, I wanted to be out there too! Unfortunately, I’d probably be too good for them – just kidding! I wish.

Here are the winners for the Women’s Division

Champion – Nicole Valenton
2nd Place – Zoe Lim
3rd Place – Patricia Marcia
4th Place – Yanna Gemora

The Men’s Division was the last to start. Although they were just beginners, they were pretty good on the waves as well and my hands high up to them for a great competition.


Here are the winners for the Men’s Division

Champion – Migui Winternitz
2nd Place – Nolan Torre
3rd Place – Ian Laguerta
4th Place – Jenzo Pastrana

Surfing isn’t a very easy nor very popular sport – at least, not yet. However, with Club Manila East just an hour or two away from Manila, what are you waiting for? Get your boards, sunscreen and try surfing at the Ocean Waves pool in Club Manila East! There’s no better way to spend summer than under the sun, in the water and on the board.

For more information about Surfing at Club Manila East, visit www.clubmanilaeast.com.

You can also contact them at 660-2801 / 02 284-4740/41.

Don’t forget to add Club Manila East on Facebook!