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Batanes, the Strange Land of Beauty

In the north of the Pearl’s Orient
Is a place of heaven that’s God’s sent
The storms and hurricanes may pass thee by
The uniqueness of simple life is like an angel’s sigh

Where tragedies form out of bad weather
Arises the unknown rainbow of tomorrow
In this beautiful island I hope to see thee
Where the astonishing views I hope would come free

Batanes, you are the head of an amazing country
The farthest out in South China Sea
May you be blessed with everlasting protection
So we, Pinoys may see thy beauty in action.

I wish I could say that it has been my lifelong dream to visit Batanes. But I’d be lying. Unlike Boracay where I was practically dying to go since I knew how to spell, Batanes has never been in my list of places to visit – until now. In fact, I didn’t even know that Batanes was a tourist spot or if it had any places worth going to. Little did I know, I’d be eating my words.

Back in the day, when Batanes was mentioned, the first imaginary picture that would appear in my mind was a remote area with huts and destroyed forests. Only a few months back did I realize that Batanes was so much more than I had originally thought.

I remember the first post I read about Batanes. It was in an ad, I think, probably in my Gmail account. But what caught my eye was its headline: Experience 4 Seasons in Batanes! My ever-so weak geography skills back then had already pinpointed that Batanes was in the Philippines (I keep getting it confused with Bataan) and my heightened curiosity had me reeling at what exactly did “4 seasons” mean.

They say that curiosity is a dangerous feeling to have. I guess this is what I have for Batanes. What is it all about? Why are they saying that Batanes has 4 seasons and how possible can that be? Is Batanes really beautiful? What makes it so beautiful that even if storms and hurricanes flock the island, people are still willing to go there? In fact, why would South East Asian Airlines, a high class domestic airline, even offer flights to Batanes when all it seems to be is an isolated island stormed by the worst hurricanes to ever cross the Philippines?

I’ve seen pictures of Batanes and even watched the 2007 movie Batanes, starring Ken Zhu and Iza Calzado and suffered through a painful and confusing movie storyline just to get a closer look at what everyone says is a beautiful island.

Maybe I could read blogs and live vicariously through the bloggers’ stories and experiences. But better yet, you can help me experience the place first hand.

SEAIR, the blue and white carrier
To Batanes, you are the only bearer
Take me to the strange land I desire
Where beauty is the place to admire.

They say no land is strange, but the tourist traveling. I hope one day, a chance would be given for me to experience this “strange” land. What better than with South East Asian Airlines and some other experienced travel bloggers?

This is an official entry to South East Asian Airlines‘ Batanes Winter Bloggers’ Tour.

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*Photo credits to www.pasyalera.com, www.clickthecity.com and www.manilaphotographer.com*