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530 Steps, Conquering Fear and Vanishing Islands – Island Hopping, Caves and Climbing in Caramoan

530 Steps, Conquering Fear and Vanishing Islands – Island Hopping, Caves and Climbing in Caramoan

“Why are we doing this again?” I huffed as I strained my right knee to make the next steep step. “400.” I heard a guide say to his group before me. Immediately, I felt relieved. I thought I was only at 200+ steps. I breathed in the fresh air, a mixture of the ocean smell and the cool breeze from the trees. I turned from the hundred more steps to take.

Hotter, Harder and More Beautiful – The Islands of Caramoan Part 2

Hot, Hard and Beautiful – The Islands of Caramoan When we left Matukad Island, the heat of the sun and the atmosphere of the will-rain, will-not rain skies was inspiring me to finally get into the water. I love the beach, I do, but in order to swim, I was very picky about the moments I’d go in. Choosy? Maybe. But when we parked over some low-rise corals in front of what looked like an expensive island resort, I didn’t really have to be coaxed out of the boat. The Hunongan Beach Resort is an exclusive and expensive beach resort owned by the governor Luis Villafuerte (I think). This beach resort is where the Survivor staff would stay whenever they shoot the series. While we were parking, a white helicopter landed on the beach resort and we looked on, curious to see why the helicopter would be there at that time. Was this a sign that Survivor would be shooting again soon?

Hot, Hard and Beautiful – The Islands of Caramoan

I woke up for the nth time to the heat, the sweat and stickiness of the atmosphere. I looked around and stretched my head out. It looked like we were still pretty far out. I frowned. My ass was in pain. How much longer did we have to experience this boat? I complained in my head. I checked the time. It was only 9.30am. We still had about 30 minutes to go if it was correct that this boat ride was only 1 hour long. It wasn’t.  Coming from a 9 hour bus ride and a one hour van ride, and a long day at the office before that, I could definitely say that I was tired. Yep, very tired. I even raced from my Makati office to the Cubao bus stop in 40 minutes just to make the 9pm scheduled ETD only to wait still for about 30 minutes before actually leaving. But I’m an optimist. I love beaches and there’s just something about this trip that seemed very familiar, but kind of…vague. It might be because the last personal trip that I took was in February. And the last time that I had done something this different was, well, kind of a while now. It’s true when they say that the best are those the hardest to get

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How to Go to Caramoan

Remember that show that everyone used to watch because it seemed crazy to go all Lost on an island, only to fight for that one immunity idol? Well, everyone used to love it. Apparently, many still do because it is currently on it’s 26th or 27th season. Now, that show took some time in the Philippines to shoot their 25th season. And boy, was the first episode enough to get me wanting to go there. But all gems are hard to reach. This is probably why Caramoan was a perfect choice. And for adventure/beach lovers like me, it was a dream to get there. Unfortunately, that dream is definitely hard to reach. How do you get to the Survivor islands of Caramoan?