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What’s Your Dream Destination? A Chinese New Year Question

Just a few hours into Chinese New Year, I heard the sound of explosion, similar to that you’d hear on New Year. It was familiar because I’d heard it a few weeks back. It was fireworks. I stood up on my bed and peeked outside my window just as a ray of fireworks burst into the sky, glittering in its rainbow colored designs. It was beautiful. Then, as I went back to work on my laptop, I noticed a red light outside my window. Normally, I’d have thought it was a plane. However, I realized there was two of them…and then three in a vertical position that made me wonder. What was that? Since I just watched the series V the other day, you can imagine what popped into my mind first. I immediately called my brother, practically yelling. I was half scared, half excited. My brother figured them out before I did. Paper lanterns. They looked so cool and beautiful out in the dark sky. Although I think the organizers need to improve the time of release of the lanterns (not all of them reached the sky at the same time) and it would look even more brilliant if only there were more of them, I was amazed. It was definitely a beautiful sight for the Chinese New Year.

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Tips to Packing – the Philippine Travelogue’s First Podcast

Today, I’d like to share with you how I pack for a 4D3N trip to the North of Cebu. I wanted to write a blog about it, but then I got lazy. I wanted to video tape my packing, but instead, decided to record a podcast – which is less the muscles used in writing and wouldn’t require me to dress up. I’m a really meticulous packer so I like to think out what I should be packing, what I’ll need during the trip. I’m too lazy to make a list, even if, I have to make sure everything I need is packed, all the essentials are already in my bag and if not, just waiting to be packed. For first time packers going on a trip, a list will help you not to forget anything. If you’re too lazy to make one, well, you can just listen to this podcast while I give you the breakdown of what to pack. Download the podcast or play it below. [audio:http://philippinetravelogue.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Podcast-1.mp3|titles=Tips to Packing] What are the things you should bring when you pack?