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Happy Independence Day, Papua New Guinea!

After living in Papua New Guinea for many years and the country having molded me partly into who I am today, I owe this beautiful country so much.

Photo by TownandCountryMag

The country lies adjoint to Indonesia and very near to Australia (its mother country before). It is a country that not many foreigners live in – unless they are mixed raised or Australians and there has rarely been actual tourists there because of the lack of security and development. Despite that, PNG has a lot to offer.

Ela Beach in Port Moresby by Virtual Trippings


Although I barely noticed it when I lived there, Papua New Guinea is blessed with so many beautiful places, it has aquamarine seas, rich marine life, vast rainforests, active volcanoes and a country of undeveloped lands and riches.

I regret not having the guts (or age!) to discover more places about PNG, but someday, I’ll come back to explore the unexplored places of the country, to discover the undiscovered, to live with the locals and get to know their lives and to experience the local Papuan life – AGAIN.


Cultural Dances in PNG


I remember this dance so well. This is the dance that required a ritual before they put the masks (made of cement). The ritual involved the participants fasting for many days. The dance was so scary, they would hold arrows and point it to people all throughout the dance. They wouldn’t hit anyone, but sometimes, they would make it a point to make the person feel like they really would pull the arrow. I was literally scared of this dance and would hide every time it was time for them to dance.


The Tumbuan Dance by Rita Willaert


This is the Tumbuan Dance or the Duk-Duk dance, a dance from a secret society in the country. The dance is usually accompanied by those men in the above pictures with cemented headdresses that would hold arrows and fake-attempt to shoot people. Even if I hadn’t seen those men in cement yet but I catch a glimpse of the Tumbuans, I already hide or at least, pretend I’m not looking, because both really scare me.

Despite their scary dances and secret societies, Papua New Guinea is a country of friendly people, many may not be educated, but they are willing and so kind to those who are kind to them.

On your 36th Independence Day, beautiful country of Papua New Guinea, may you be blessed with love, respect, development and hopefully, a forever untouched richness of land and nature. When I return there someday, I hope to find the same kind of hospitality, kindness and beauty as I did when I lived there.

Here’s a beautiful video of what PNG offers and the National Anthem of the country:


Happy 36th Independence Day, Papua New Guinea and many more to come!


**Photos from Town and Country Travel Mag**

**Tumbuan Photo from Rita Willaert**

**Ela Beach Photo from Virtual Tripping**