About the Blogger

The blogger:

Fast Facts:

  • Is known as Biyachessa or Queen Biyachessa from her former blog and Twitter
  • Was born in Taytay, Rizal
  • Was raised in Papua New Guinea (1996-2002)
  • Grew up in Cainta, Rizal (2003-present)
  • Is currently working as Digital Marketing for an airline.
  • Considers English as her Mother Language as she was only 6 years when she began speaking it
  • Sees tagalog as her 2nd Language
  • Loves to read and write.
  • Owns a travel group that organizes trips to different destinations.
  • Founded and organizes Manila Travel Massive, a global initiative to bring people from the travel industry together.




The Philippine Travelogue is a lifestyle and personal blog dedicated to the the travels, flights, food and hotel experiences of the blogger. This includes the overall planning and budgeting of travels and tours for families, planning travels, budgeting and itineraries molded for students or those with a limited time and budget as well as the solo adventures of the blogger. The Philippine Travelogue aims to help the readers in planning their travels, knowing where to go around the country and outside and provide them guidelines in creating itineraries and going on exquisite travels on mountains, under the seas and on the road. This blog is also her journal to opening up to being on the road – from the shy-type, closed book and “sosyalera” student to the cowboy, adventurous, assertive, fun and loving traveler she hopes to become. 


Topics likely included will be:

  • Travel
  • Group tour events
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Promos
  • Contests

All articles/blogs are under copyright of the blogger and hopes that others will respect her works, including content and photos and will not – without permission from the blogger – repost, copy, print or publicize in any way.