Taking a well-deserved break is something most of us look forward to. Everyday life can be difficult and stressful at the best of times, but obviously, you can get away from it all on holiday and just relax and unwind.

But what if your life became one long permanent holiday? Where would you go? What would you do? And would you ever get bored of travelling and want to go back to work?


Staying on the Go

Most holidaymakers take time off work and fly to distant shores to take it easy by sitting on the beach or next to the swimming pool. If your whole life was to become one long holiday, though, you might feel like being more active.

Popular adventure holidays include hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, Antarctic marine expeditions, off-road driving across the Sahara desert, cycling the St Paul’s Trail in Turkey and sailing between the Greek islands. All would give you the chance to rejuvenate daily life.


Of Your Own Free Will

A happy medium between soaking up the sun and working full time is volunteering, which is particularly popular among gap year students and younger people. That said, there’s no age limit on anyone wanting to give something back to the world. The sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from helping out people less fortunate can’t be beaten. Certain volunteering projects don’t take up much time during the week, either, so you can still explore and enjoy the destination in question.

Try to pick a pursuit that is well suited to your own expertise. Ideas include teaching English in South America, coaching sports in Africa or working with animals in Asia.


Back to Work

Even though one lifelong holiday might seem like total bliss, weariness or guilt might kick in and it will be time to start working again.

However, this shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing, as the amount of places you’ve visited and experiences you’ve taken part in can lead to some rewarding careers. Even if the job that you choose doesn’t relate to your travels, employers look favorably upon individuals who have broadened their horizons by venturing out of their comfort zone.

So can you get bored of travelling? Not if you choose the right activities and experiences. There is a lot to be said for chilled out holidays, as they give us the chance to recharge our batteries. Meanwhile, adventure holidays and volunteer projects are interesting ways to see and experience different parts of the world. Coming home will then feel like a new adventure!

Brenna is the sole owner of The Philippine Travelogue, an online journal of her travel adventures and experiences. Brenna is a freelance writer, online marketing and social media specialist and a blogger with a constant itch for adventure and thrill. For inquiries, suggestions and invitations please send a message.

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