Here you go,” our driver from Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort said, smiling at us as he parked outside a tall building.

After a 4 hour drive back to Cebu City, all I wanted to do was get some rest.

We entered Verbena Capitol Suites and the staff quickly checked us in.

I could barely talk, I was so groggy from the trip to Cebu City that all I wanted to do was feel the soft covers behind my neck.

When I got to my room, I quickly dropped my things and carelessly flopped myself onto the bed, bouncing a little at the softness.

where to stay in cebu


“Ahhh. Back to the city life,” I say to myself.


Verbena Capitol Suites is a hotel located in Don Gil Garcia in Cebu City. Situated along the area of Fuente Osmena Circle and just in front of the NBI area (we passed it as we turned a corner into Don Gil), it is very accessible to tourist destinations in Cebu – well, in my case to IT Park where my favorite La Marea is located.

The room I was given was a deluxe suite room. It had a very comfortable atmosphere, the thick curtains dimming the room and making it seem darker than the 5pm sunlight outside.

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My room had a big, soft double bed, elegantly designed, with sophisticated designs for the headboard. At the side was a table with a cute little lamp that I ended up turning on the entire night for fear of not being able to wake up early for my flight the next day.

I had a huge flatscreen television and I quickly turned it on to NatGeo. We don’t have cable at home and I don’t really watch television so every time I get the chance, I make sure to get my NatGeo fix and appreciate hotels that have them as well.

The bathroom was just right, shower area was big enough with hot and cold options, perfect since I wasn’t going to take a shower in cold at 5am in the morning. It also came with complete amenities.

places to stay in cebu

The room also had a vault, a mini bar, complete with amenities and complimentary coffee and tea.

What I liked the most? My room didn’t lack outlets for charging. I always like a hotel who doesn’t scrimp on outlets. Makes it worth every penny.

The hotel has free WiFi, free buffet breakfast at Elle’s Cafe and computers at the first floor for those who need to check emails asap.

The hotel was also in a very convenient place, a few minutes walk from Larsian’s and a short walk from Fuente Circle.

At an affordable price per night, my deluxe suite is definitely worth the price. For a comfortable, affordable night at the city when all you want to do is get some rest, Verbena Capitol Suites definitely fits the bill.

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