Maayong buntag!” they greeted us as we stepped off the golf cart and entered the main pavilion.

I breathed the fresh air and for a moment I forgot we still hadn’t reached our room.

Ms. Apple lead us into the pavilion, disappearing to get our keys.

After about an hour and a half of travel from the airport, we had finally reached our destination.

resorts in cebu

And boy, was it a beautiful, beautiful one.


Located about 3 hours south of Cebu and an hour away from Dumaguete is the island of Sumilon. Known for its pristine sandbar that jets out the island, the rest of the natural beauty is exclusively taken by Bluewater Island Resort.

We were picked up by the team with Ms. Apple at the Dumaguete Airport. From there, we took a van to the Sibulan port where we had to take a jetty to the Santander port in Cebu. The jetty took about half an hour and the waves were pretty rough. Inside the closed area of the jetty, the lack of freeing oxygen wasn’t a big help for Marx and I.

When we arrived in Cebu, Kuya Raul of Bluewater Island Resort was there to bring us to the main port going to Sumilon.

Upon reaching the port, I was already pretty impressed with the creamy white sands and the rocky beach.

A long wharf stood in the middle of the beach.

As I sipped my lemon grass welcome drink, I couldn’t help thinking it looked like a dramatic spot for a photoshoot.

The ride to Sumilon Island was about 15 minutes. The waves were pretty rough at 11am, but we reached the sandbar while it still jutted out of the clear, blue sea.

beach resorts in cebu

The sandbar was indeed impressive, white as Boracay’s sand and soft as El Nido’s.

The room we were given was a superior deluxe. It faced a dramatic cliff and from inside I could hear the soft waves. It was home.

The superior deluxe opened into a comfortable love sofa that faced the scenic view. Up about three steps were two double beds, artistically decorated white and blue, which was a perfect accent to its native brown furniture.

Behind the bed was a huge bathroom that I could practically do cartwheels in.

The bathroom had hot and cold showers, two cabinets, hairdryers and two huge mirrors to my delight.

It also had a large television, a mini bar and a table for doing work.

The room was airconditioned, but it also had a large ceiling fan for cooler nights.

But it wasn’t just the room that made Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort worth the money. It is the fact that this island has EVERYTHING.

The standard package includes full-board meals, a tour of Oslob (in our case we got to swim with the whalesharks!), and the waterfalls, plus free use of all their facilities.

You could swim in the sandbar, play around in the other beach on the other side, get on a kayak and paddle around the lagoon or simply lay on a hammock and enjoy the cool breeze of island living.

However, if you’re a little more adventurous, you could also request for a dive or just snorkeling as Sumilon serves as a marine sanctuary. Yes, a marine sanctuary with actual sharks!

If you like nature, they also have a trail where you can check out the lighthouse and find magnificent overlooking views.

At the same time, the resort is perfect for just chilling out. They have scenic surroundings, an amazing infinity pool that overlooks the ocean, three bubble pools for those who want to enjoy some alone time and awesome, lounge chairs that sit over the dramatic cliffs. Can you say perfect for photoshoots?

Three days and two nights is not enough. I would definitely go back.

And maybe next time, I’ll bring someone else with me.

Check out their awesome honeymoon villa.


For more details on this luxurious, well-worth island paradise, check

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