It was a harsh yellow color, setting in the horizon.

But it was pure and perfect. 

Sunsets and Romance

I sat on one of the comfy beach chairs at the corner of the cool, wooden restaurant/bar/party place of beautiful, nearly isolated Diniwid Beach.

In one hand, I held onto a San Mig Light Beer, my favorite beer.

And on the other, I held the hand of someone special.

We looked back at the setting sun. Not speaking. Not doing anything, except for our entwined hands.

And as the sun disappeared into the horizons and in its wake, a magnificent burst of colors in the sky, our lips touched.

It was my perfect date.


I’m the unconventional girl. The girl who’d rather the beautiful sunset over a chick-flick in the cinema. I’d rather walk Mt. Pinatubo all the way and sweat like a pig, than walk the airconditioned mall the entire day.

And this time, I’ve found a perfect place for a super romantic date in Boracay. Instead of spending most of your time at White Beach, hand holding, swimming and snorkeling, spend an afternoon in the amazingly comfortable walls of Spiderhouse Boracay in Diniwid Beach.

Diniwid Beach

Unmarked photos by Mica Rodriguez of


To be honest, I hesitated to blog about this place. But I try not be selfish. And I am hugely inspired by this place.

Everyone in love, about to be in love, feeling the love or would like to feel the love should visit this place and enjoy the beauty and fun it can offer.

From White Beach, take a tricycle (P100) to Diniwid Beach. From the beach, walk all the way to the side (I remember we saw a snake in the rocks a few years ago!) and from Microtel, climb the stairs all the way to Nami. Cross Nami and you’ll find a small pathway leading into a cave. Enter it and from there you’ll reach the secretive entrance.

Spiderhouse is small and cozy, but its timber structure makes up for it all. It sits on the rocks, right next to Manny Pacquiao’s old resort.

Spiderhouse Boracay

I wasn’t sure if it had any rooms or accommodations. But in its bar area lay some wooden tables and chairs and a Chinese-style table where our group sat. We didn’t taste their food either. However, we got some drinks and well, my San Mig Light was cold enough and that was the only thing I cared about.

Spiderhouse Boracay

Despite its possible environmental issues, I couldn’t help falling in love with its location. The water was a breathtaking blue-green color (my favorite color of the sea), it was shallow and there was a bamboo raft tied near the rocks where you can sunbathe or just play around in.


In the other corner, facing Manny Pacquiao’s resort and the sunset were a few wooden chairs. This was where I especially positioned myself to watch.

For an afternoon of relaxation, post-hungover and a little romance, Spiderhouse proved to be a great destination.

But 60% of what made Spiderhouse the perfect romantic date place?

The cold San Miguel Light. The splendid, unobstructed view of the sunset.

And of course…HIM.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 


*Unmarked Pictures credited to Mica Rodriguez of

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