“We won’t stop…” the speaker blared on at volume 16.

In the dimmed light of the Linden Suites biggest 3 bedroom suite, we swayed to the pop-and-hopping music of Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Katy Perry and more.

On the center table was an open box of pizza. Open and empty bottles of beer was scattered everywhere. The now empty bottle of 24K gold alcohol stood atop the center table.

linden suites

In the big round table, another open box of pizza lay, surrounded by other kinds of food, more empty bottles of beer and people. Some lying down on the sofa, others sprawled over the comfortable chairs.

It was a fun night. And yes, it is possible to house-party without leaving major Metro Manila!

Located in the heart of Ortigas City is the Linden Suites, largely visible with its green signs, but ultimately disappearing within the number of tall buildings.

For those who’d like to staycation in a nice place with friends or family, this is definitely one great option.

With choices from spacious executive rooms to huge 2 bedroom suites and enormous 3 bedroom suites, you can enjoy a night with your partner, friends or family.

If we were able to turn the living room into a dance floor (and there are, what, like 13 of us partying in one 3 bedroom suite), then you have an idea of how spacious it really is.

But space isn’t just the only detail that makes it worth it.

linden suites

The 3 bedroom suite consisted of a kitchen (so big, I could probably tumble inside), a dining area, a living room or common room, a common comfort room and three bedrooms.

One room had a double bed. It had its own table and mirror too. The other room had a single bed and its own table too. But the biggest room, most likely the master bedroom had a huge double bed, a table, a huge cabinet with vaults, bathrobes and a bathroom, complete with amenities and a big bathtub to my joy.

Lucky me, I was assigned to the 3 bedroom suite and I got there before my roommates did, so I picked out the master bedroom with the bathroom, claiming it by stashing my tiny backpack to the table and rolling all over the bed.

My bedroom had sufficient power outlets, a pair near the table, a pair near the cabinets and another pair beside the bed. But because I’m lazy, my favorite feature was definitely the power switches beside the bed. That means I don’t have to get up to close the lights, I can turn on the lamp with one move and I could reach the remote for the television and the aircon at my side.

Very convenient!

What else would I want for a party with friends?

The kitchen had its own electric stove. It even had its own utensils and plates. There was a huge refrigerator. If only I knew how to cook, I would’ve take advantage of it already. But I’m terrible at cooking. Next time, I’ll drag someone who can cook.

Each room had its own air condition, a good thing, especially for big groups. They also had thick curtains, a nice feature, especially for sunny mornings when the rays of sunshine is not exactly a welcoming party when you’re hungover from the night before.

The room was airy, the atmosphere was so comfortable that it wasn’t long before we were talking each other’s ears out.

Now, that’s one awesome party, don’t you think?

And to add to the excitement, there’s also a beautiful pool at the top floor and a restaurant at the second floor with delicious buffet breakfast.

linden suites

To learn more about the rooms at the Linden Suites, you can visit their website at www.lindensuites.com. Like them at www.facebook.com/LindenSuites

Photo from Elal Lasola, Taken by Kirk Acebron

Photo from Elal Lasola, Taken by Kirk Acebron

Thank you, Linden Suites for the awesome night!

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