Asia is a huge and diverse continent: from the snowy mountains of Nepal to the megacities of Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore, the tropical jungles of Vietnam, the beach parties in Thailand, and the sparkling islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, it can be overwhelming to plan your own itinerary. With so much to see and do, particularly if you have never been to Asia before, consider cruises to simplify the journey and mix your travel with indulgence.


Fabulous Food

I’m a huge fan of sampling new cuisine, and my river cruise in China introduced me to a wide range of new dishes from local cuisines. Making our way up the Yangtze River, I went up a jean size, but it was worth it! Larger cruise ships are famous for their fabulous buffets, so you can feast three times a day between swimming, playing games and exploring the areas where you come to dock.


Like elsewhere in the world, cruises here go to great lengths to put on a great show. Whether it’s watching Broadway on board or exploring the local entertainment on shore, there are plenty of opportunities to soak it in. A cruise in Thailand can lead to drinks in the Lotus Bar, a night at the Bangkok International Fringe Festival and a chance to showcase your moves at the Banana Club – a great choice if you really want to let your hair down.

Cruises Entertainment


Cruises are an easy way to visit several places in one trip, without having to fly. If you ever wanted to take advantage of this, it’s in China – with so much to see in such a big country, the ability to pick an itinerary that takes in the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing, and the vibrant nightlife of Shanghai in a fortnight is a great opportunity – not to mention a bargain!


Yes, I want excitement, but I also want to be able to just chill out in comfort when I choose. After all, we all need to recharge for the next day’s thrills – especially after a night out. Lounge by the on-board pool, visit the spa or simply curl up in your room any time you feel like it.

Stirring Sights

El Nido

Of course I’m biased, but a cruise of the Philippines is a unique way to discover this beautiful country. From the stunning turquoise lagoons of El Nido to thelovely Palawan, only a cruise offers such a cocktail of sights, tastes, relaxation and entertainment – without having to lift a finger.

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