In Boracay, there is the upscale and then the midscale… and then the noscale. Just kidding.

But there are accommodations in Boracay that can cost about Php 200 (Boracay Treehouse at Station 3.5), Php 600 (dorm at Frendz Resort in Station 2)  or up to Php 4000++ for upscale resorts like Discovery Shores, Fridays, Tides and more.

Then, there are those cute designed beach chalets, the ones made out of nipa huts, similar to Nigi Nigi and Frendz. Adorable, because you feel so cool with all those trees.

And there are also those traditional, classy(?), elegant hotels that are simply made out of buildings, simple colored paint and expensive furniture. Sure, they have the best aircon, possibly good food and good services.

But where can you go that can give you both the good amenities, good food and the good atmosphere?

Mango Ray Resort Boracay

Mango Ray Resort.

Tucked behind a simple bar facade and an enormous exclusive garden beach front, Mango Ray is rarely seen. In fact, co-workers have never heard of it before, despite them being in the travel industry for many years.

While it may be tucked away, it definitely doesn’t deserve to be put aside as nothing.

Charming, elegant, simply beautiful in its own way, Mango Ray has the most adorable, homey atmosphere with the amenities and room design of a classy hotel.

Honestly, I had no idea what the room would look like. Was it going to look like any ordinary hotel? Or should I expect something like Tides?

But when I got my key from the front desk and I climbed the stairs to my room, I was greeted by a sliding door.

Ooh, cool, I thought.

And when I opened it,


The floor was made of cool, varnished wood. The room was spacious, almost twice the size of the room in Tides Hotel and possibly the entire dorm room in Frendz.

accommodation in boracay

The room had a concave set up at the left side which turned out to be the bathroom. It didn’t have a door, but it was still adorable, nonetheless.

It had an office table and a cute lamp. There was a huge 42 inch television, a refrigerator and a complimentary coffee and tea set. It was beyond my expectations.

accommodation in boracay

The bathroom had a see-through shower (so adorable!), complete toiletries and towels for two.

At Php 4500 a night, it was ADORABLE. And to be honest, I truly appreciated its charm far, far more than I would appreciate any traditional looking hotel/resort.

But that wasn’t it. On my 3rd night, I had to transfer because someone had already taken that room before. I didn’t mind. And I had all the reasons to think they’d downsize me to a cheaper/ugly looking room.

However, when I entered my room, I thought I was being punked. Seriously. The room was gorgeous! And huuuuge!

where to stay in boracay

It had a complete kitchen (with utensils, pots and pans!), a huge refrigerator, a table for 4. It also had a 42 inch television and a cute bathroom (now with it’s own door) and a cover up for those dressing. The bed was very soft, in queen size and I had 6 pillows all to myself. Now that’s relaxing.

places to stay in boracay

However hidden this resort was, it was very much worth the price.

Another good thing about the resort is that it has a private beach front. People can pass by the beach, but the chairs and tables are exclusive for hotel guests, giving any guests the feeling of having their own space in a crowded Boracay beach.

Service is great, staff is very friendly and even the food is good.

Would I recommend this resort? Definitely.

Check out Mango Ray Resort! Perfect for couples, small families and those who want more privacy in the middle of Station 2. Seriously.

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