Backpacking may be some people’s teenage dream. The chance to get out of the country, try something new, see something new. Unfortunately, everyone has the fear of getting culture shock – feeling out of place in a different culture, different ways and uncommon surroundings.


Singapore is one country in this world that you’ll probably rarely notice due to its small size. It only has one airport and it’s practically so small you can go around the place in a day or two. However, it’s definitely not one country you should miss.

If you’re a beginner at backpacking, Singapore may just be the best (but slightly expensive) option for you to take. Unless you choose to stay at the hostels in Singapore, then you may be able to save a lot of money. Culture shock will be rare here as the beautiful island of Singapore is a huge melting pot of different races and cultures. It’s a great place to learn and still maintain the last parts of your high class social life (kidding).

While Singapore may be small, it definitely has its perks. Here are 7 of the things you cannot, cannot miss in Singapore.

1.    The Food

singapore food

With the number of races and cultures in Singapore, it’s only fitting that you can find just about any type of cuisine around the area. There’s Filipino food, there’s Singaporean food, there’s Thai, Indian, Italian or even Malaysian food. Whatever kind of cuisine you want, you’ll probably find it. In Singapore. Somewhere.

And the challenge? Picking which one to try.

2. The Shopping

Ah, shopping. Not everyone might like to splurge on shopping. But when there’s a chance for you to get your gadgets and clothes on a cheaper deal, why not? With the stalls in Chinatown and Bugis Mall, there’s really no reason to refuse the times when you need to change your stuff. With different races and cultures, you’ll also get to see and shop for unique items from countries you’ve never been to before.

Why do it? Well, when you’re only going to be in Singapore once in a few years, why not take a piece of it’s melting pot culture home?

3. Sentosa, USS and Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay


Expensive, yes. But worth it? Yes. Tourist spots like Sentosa, USS and Gardens by the Bay may not be backpacker friendly at all. However, when you know how to appreciate every part of traveling and beauty, it is definitely a worthy shot. I’m not a fan of huge rides but I definitely enjoyed the Transformers 4D ride to the point that I did it twice. Plus the lightshow may be simple, a little overly performed, but it is definitely beautiful (or maybe I just like lights and the mixture of different shades).

Why go? Despite the price to enter, it is definitely a fun experience for kids and the children at heart.

4. The “Wild” LifeJurong Bird Park


Okay, so technically, there’s no wild life in Singapore. But they do have awesome zoos. Wander around the huge Singapore zoo or try their Bird Park. Either way, you’ll enjoy a day feeling like you experienced the “wild” life – at least during your first “backpacker” experience.

Why do it instead of authentic wildlife experiences? If you’re too scared to take that huge step to the jungle, use this as your preliminary step. It’ll be fun and worth it.

5. The East Coast

Not a fan of the tourist spots? Well, the East Coast is a refreshing atmosphere from the number of people at USS or Sentosa. You can spend a day here, breathe in their beach, watch the planes land at the airport as it passes by the waters. You can also take a bike and enjoy the usually beautiful and breezy day in Singapore.

Why do it? When you’re done with the touristy places, this is a great chance of atmosphere.

6. Their Transportation System

Have you ever just gotten out and then strolled around, not really knowing where you’re going? Too scared of getting lost? Well, in Singapore, all you need is the ability to speak and read English and analyze a little and that’s it. You’ll get around their transportation system just fine. It’s fun to get lost when you know you’re not really lost.

Why do it? Practice for the future when you’re really lost.

7. The Airport

I haven’t seen any other airport as nice or as accommodating as Singapore’s airport. Tired? You can get a lounge chair to sleep in. Soft chairs, carpeted floors, it’s the dream airport of any backpacker. And it’s as friendly too. Problem? It’s so big that it will be tiring to walk around in. Thank goodness for their soft chairs.

Why do it? Boredom? Just kidding. Experience. A great airport experience.

Brenna is the sole owner of The Philippine Travelogue, an online journal of her travel adventures and experiences. Brenna is a freelance writer, online marketing and social media specialist and a blogger with a constant itch for adventure and thrill. For inquiries, suggestions and invitations please send a message.

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