Have you ever truly watched a fire dance?

And no, I don’t mean watching from outside the tent or peeking through the closed off fabric that hides away the dancers from the non-paying crowd.

I mean actually watch it. Go inside the tent, have a few beers and watch the whole show from the start to the finish?

fire dancing in boracay

Well, if you haven’t, then you’re sorely missing a lot.

And you tell yourself you’ve been to BORACAY? 


You’ve never truly experienced Boracay until you’ve seen these people dance (okay and you’ve partied so hard you watched the moon set and more and enjoyed the beach sans the flock of people – oh wait, I think that must be me).

But seriously. When you go to Boracay, the only way you can actually appreciate real fire dance is if you go inside the tent, spend a few hundred on entrance fee consumable for your food and drinks and be mesmerized.

Fire Dancing, I believe is more than just the talent of dancing. In fact, I think that it requires precision, hard work, skill and bravery to actually do the dance. Imagine working with fire. Others run away from it but these dancers don’t. If you squeal when you come across fire, they play with it and throw it around. Heck, they use a burning wheel to light their cigarettes!

And if that’s not skill, then I don’t know what is.

In 2010, the first time I watched Carla Mendoza and her group of fire dancers, I barely took notice. All I really wanted then was a beer and well, to get drunk. But when I returned in November 2012, I was able to appreciate the dance so much more.

In fact, I think the show is quite more intoxicating than the drinks itself!

Above is a picture of the Queen of Fire, Sherel, who’s got such amazing abs I practically drool over it. Imagine the work out. I can’t even bring myself to run in the morning.

Really, when you just want to chill out, have a few beers and laugh for the night (at least in the early hours of Boracay 8pm – 1am – and yes, that’s early), there’s no better place to go than Sandbar Boracay. This is the bar in front of Bamboo Lounge that is usually tethered with fabric material at night. You can also watch them practice during day time, they are pretty serious about their job. And why not? They are awesome in it!

Despite the fabric that covers the whole bar, you can still see their shadows and figures moving inside. If you are already tantalized by the lights and movement outside of the tent, I will bet you a beer that you will definitely enjoy the show inside even more.

My camera can’t really give these dancers the justice of their art so I decided to take a few videos. These are all just snippets of the show so you really have to go there to experience and see them in action. The best thing about it all? Each dancer has their own specialty. 

Marty is their youngest dancer. At 16, he’s got his own style. I think he focuses more on creativity and style, rather than speed and dance. I totally love the way he makes those hearts. And he’s also got a signature move where he makes a circle out of alternating arm movements. I have no idea how he does that.

Carla Mendoza, on the other hand, I’ve watched two years ago. I had no idea she was only 16 years old then! At 18, she’s as entertaining as ever as she drills on personality, style, quirkiness and humor into her dances. She sometimes playful threatens with fire, and enjoys giving the customers a fun show. After 2 years or more dancing, she’s definitely a star in this show.

The other guys and girls are also very talented. I regret not being able to video them. But I will when I return.

And one of their amusing songs includes the Oppa Gangnam Style. I think this was the first time that I actually appreciated the song.

The entrance fee to Sandbar is P295. This is consumable and I think you can drink up to 4 or 5 San Miguel Light with this amount. I assure you, the amount is totally worth it.

I went to Sandbar almost every night during my stay in Boracay that I’ve gotten to know the dancers. They are pretty awesome group to hang out with.


Thanks Carla, Manuel, Marty, Rocky, Nelson! I wasn’t able to interact much with the other girls though. But anyway, see you guys soon!

Do I recommend Sandbar to you? HELL YES!

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