There’s really nothing more fascinating about secrets. That’s why Gossip Girl was a hit – because everyone wanted to know the secrets of the most popular kids. And that’s why Pretty Little Liars is so interesting. Can they keep their strangest secrets?

Everyone has their secrets. In fact, I have had one too many mishaps in my life that I’ve kept a secret from friends and family.
Apparently, however, I’m not just the one with a secret.

Even NATURE has secrets as well.

 If some secrets in the bad, bad world may end up hurting other people, nature is actually different.

where to go in el nido

The more you discover her secrets, the more enchanted you will be of her.

And sometimes, that’s the best kind of affair any man will have. Or woman. Or a traveler’s obsession with cheap flights to their favorite destinations.

where to go in el nido

See how beautiful it is in El Nido? Yes, and we haven’t even gotten inside yet.

 activities in el nido

 In order to enter the Secret Lagoon, you have to crawl into this cave:

activities in el nido

When we went here in 2010, we didn’t have a hard time getting in. However, because it was slightly high tide the day we went, it was a little harder to get in with the waves and current pushing you into the crevice unprepared for the limestone cracks and rocks.

Once you’re inside, here’s what you’ll see:

secret lagoon

Because it was high tide, 5/6 of the lagoon was filled with slightly, murky blue green very cold water.

With a background of gorgeous limestone rocks emanating light from the sun above, any first time might see the rocks as something similar to Dumbledore’s memory strip in Harry Potter. Familiar?

secret lagoon

Now that I’ve told you Harry Potter and the Secret Affair with nature, here’s the crocodile:

No, not Byron of Peculiar Hours, silly.

Look up. Now isn’t that amazing?

Here’s a short video of our trip into the beautiful secret of Nature.

Want to see more of El Nido’s Tour A? Here’s a virtual tour of Tour A.

Here’s my photoblog of Small LagoonBig Lagoon, Shimizu Island and 7 Commandos too!

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