Or maybe, it was just high tide.

Please don’t kill me with the controversial title.

Two years ago, when I went here in the Big Lagoon, there was a sandbar at the entrance.

where to go in el nido

When I went there last November, that rock is the only remnant of the sandbar that used to be. We are sinking! The Philippines is SINKING!

Nah, I’m just kidding. A friend said there was a sandbar there when they went, also in November. It was just high tide. LOL.Ā 

what to do in el nido

In 2010, because we didn’t have a kayak, we stopped here and we had to walk our way into the Big Lagoon. We couldn’t get far because the water eventually gets too deep.

what to do in el nido

Ā big lagoon in el nido

How deep does it get, you ask?

big lagoon in el nido

Yes. Blue water deep. Beautiful El Nido!

Here are snippets of our trip to Big Lagoon.


Now that’s a breathtaking trip. Don’t you think so?

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