Every tour in El Nido has some kind of resting place where every tired traveler ends up either asleep or so exhausted they’d rather go back than spend another minute on the beach. If there’s such a thing as beach overload, this is what the last beach of every tour always experiences.

In Tour A, that beach happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches in El Nido with a gorgeous sunset – perfect for the final part of Tour A.

7 commandos

Two years ago, this was where I found my heart.

Today, it still reminds me of why I fell in love with traveling in the first place.

7 commandos

All we did here was sit around, talk, drink beer and appreciate the fresh air and the beautiful setting sun.

7 commandos

Try not to say “aww” every time you see these sunset pictures. Lol. It makes me want to book a ticket to Puerto Princesa and head over to El Nido all over again.

7 commandos

7 commandos

Was it the perfect end of the day? Yes. 

And when you’re with some of your bestest friends? It feel so much more surreal. 

sunset at 7 commandos

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