Okay. So this post is kind of lame because you probably have a different list of 10,000 things to do in Boracay. However, you and I both know that we’re different. The last time I went to Boracay in 2010, all I wanted was to get drunk and… well, get drunk.

what to do in boracay

But when I went back this 2012, I realized a few things and saw Boracay in a different light.

A huge part of my current outlook came from the fact that in the two years that had passed, I had grown to be quite different from the girl who got wasted 2 years ago.

So, instead of going all teenage drunk this time around, I did 5 things in Boracay that I never really thought I would do.

1.       Go solo

When you think of Boracay, going alone is like the loneliest thought in the world. Who in the world would go solo in Boracay? Boracay is such a social place that most people would never dream of going there alone. You’re probably thinking that I died out of boredom the whole time. Or stayed inside the hotel the whole night. Boooo!

On the contrary, being in Boracay alone has been such a learning and sociable experience. First of all, technically, I wasn’t alone the whole time. I was able to meet a few friends who had gone to Boracay the same dates that I was. Still, being alone on the beautiful island allowed me to explore. Being alone pushes you to talk and communicate with other people. And I guess, when you really have no one else to talk to, you end up talking to the person next to you. Whether or not you’re from the same country. Thank goodness for my slightly-less-than-perfect English, I was able to get along fine with the people I met. In fact, I made a lot of friends from various countries. On my last night on the island, all of the people I met took me out on a United Nations dinner. I was Philippines represent! To make a lot of friends in one trip is one of the best accomplishments I could ever make. I am shy, after all.

Just for the record, I was out every night of my stay in Boracay. :p

 2.       Do nothing

Doing nothing involves reading, listening to music and boys or beach watching, whichever is hotter at the moment. – Picture instagrammed by Darwin of TrackingTreasure.net

Seriously, I’m like a “kiti-kiti” (mosquito that won’t stop moving). I can’t stand the thought of not doing anything. I’m so skilled in multi-tasking that I’ve forgotten how nice it is to actually just well, do nothing. Despite the fact that I did have work that time, I chose to forget it for awhile. Instead, I took my phone, got my shades, changed into a bikini and a good book. Do you know how it felt that day when I sat by the beautiful beach of Station 1 and just read and listened to music? It was awesome. I guess when you’re so used to doing so many things, you kind of forget the small stuff. For a few hours, I forgot that I had responsibilities or work to do. And you know what? It was fun. Besides, too much work is going to kill me anyway. Working 24/7 is slowly drying me off my youthfulness. Oops. Too much information.

3.       Go sailing at sunset

Have you seen the sunset in Boracay? It’s gorgeous. Despite the notion that sailing is pretty common so it’s kinda lame, who the f^ck cares? Do it anyway! And I did. And it was awesome. I went sailing with Mica of Senyorita.net and two Dutch girls. We took a few beers with us along the ride. In the 2 hours sailing trip, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so freeing and relieved of stress. It was a wonderful ride.

sailing in boracay

When you’re too busy and too stressed, go sailing. Sit on the side masts of the boat, allow your butts to tattoo the springs into your skin, drink up and watch the sunset. Hell, cry if you want to. Throw away your thoughts, whoever cheated on whom, the latest movies and why Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. Who the eff cares? At that moment, just enjoy the moment. I did.

4.       Go dancing minus-teenage drunk moves

I never thought I’d actually really dance without getting drunk. You know, part of me has been so strung up tight that I never thought I’d find my love for dancing again. In Boracay, I realized I didn’t really have to drink a lot to actually dance and enjoy myself. And what the hell. It was fun. And best of all? I remembered it. LOL

But it’s not just me, however. I think the atmosphere in Boracay is so freeing, so relieving that the moment you lose track of how old you really are, let Boracay find your younger self. Boracay doesn’t set any standards. The clubs won’t tell you what to wear. Nobody cares if you’re rich. No one will make you wear high heels that you can’t really dance in at all. No one will judge you on the dance floor. And that was freeing enough.

5. Beer pong

Ah. I think this is one of the most embarrassing things that I did in Boracay because I lost to the other team. It was fun anyway. But since I’m super competitive, losing to the other team was like an arrow in the heart. I hate losing. Unfortunately, when I went back a few days later to check on it and hopefully renew my competitive passion, the table had gone. Now I’ll forever remember the day I lost in beer pong.

Can somebody please check the beer pong table outside of Epic? Let me know if it’s back there. I’m gonna go back just to kick some beer pong ass.

I had the time of my life last November 21 – 26. It felt like time stopped for awhile.

And honestly, I wish it did.

Boracay forever!

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