As you may or may not have noticed, I have a thing for a bit of fashion especially when I’m traveling. And when I want that hotshot pose on a beautiful beach, I just have to have the perfect swimwear to match my background. Unfortunately, as every girl would probably know, bikinis can be really hard to come by. A two-piece bikini in the mall will cost you P650. That’s a whopping P650 for a struggling writer like me.

where to buy bikinis

And while I don’t mind using the same bikini for two different beaches, I do mind when I see someone else wearing the same bikini as I am. Bummer? Totally! Even worse when you have the same pose as that person on the same beach!

So how do I prevent that catastrophe from happening?

Recently, I’ve discovered a very, very cheap and convenient place for me to buy my bikinis.

Because I like a little color and flexibility and I don’t like having the same bikini as someone else, this shop offers me my best option for half the price of the usual bikini. While it doesn’t have those expensive brands, I don’t really care. After all, who’d notice, as long as you look hot on the beach right?

Check out some of my recent bikini sets.

Hot? Of course! (buhat bangka???)

These are all the products of Bubblespot Swimsuits, an online shop based in Cebu that specializes in made-to-order bikinis. That’s right! You can get your own bikini style made, especially for you. And the best part about it? A two-piece bikini only costs P280!
No, I’m not joking. P280 for a bikini pair! And if you buy 3 pairs at one time, you get it for ONLY P250 each! What a steal, right?

Check out their shop at:


Sure you don’t need a new pair every time you go to the beach. But I believe that every girl deserves the perfect pair of bikinis ESPECIALLY for them.

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