Okay, so we had planned this to be a budget trip. But due to several circumstances that affected the trip, we ended up spending more than we really needed to.

the scene of the crime…where everything went wrong..

Circumstances that we ran through:

  1. Darwin and I weren’t able to meet on time. I thought he would be arriving at the Budget Terminal and opted to search there instead of Terminal 2 where he was actually arriving.
  2. I had to go back from the Malaysian immigration to Novena Station to pick him up.
  3. We arrived at Larkin Station at around 10pm already.
  4. We were victimized by some people who warned us about going into Malacca Sentral and pushed us to pay double for Seremban.
  5. Tired, upset and obviously cheated, we ended up paying for a taxi to take us into Malacca at the break of dawn.
  6. We had to pay for two nights because we had reserved for the night before and only arrived the morning after.
Itinerary Per 1 pax Total
Larkin Bus Station – Seremban RM 40*
Seremban – Malacca via Taxi RM 70 *
Taxi to Malacca Sentral RM 15
Malacca – JB RM 19
Banana Cake RM 6
Water RM 2
L1 Curry Chicken Rice RM 3.5
Coke RM 1.5
D1 at the edge of Malacca center RM 10.6
Iced Tea RM 1.80
Water RM 1
Oriental Residence RM 60 *
Tours and Miscellaneous
Sultan Palace Entrance RM 2
Singer in Porta de Santiago RM 2
Souvenirs *
Patches RM 20
Key Chains RM 17


RM 271.4 or P3688


Larkin Bus Station to Seremban – When we arrived at Larkin, we made the mistake of asking someone else how to get to Malacca when we should have looked at the bus station windows instead for schedule and actual prices. In the end, we got screwed over and we paid double to a city quite far from Malacca itself.

Seremban – Malacca via Taxi – This is totally unnecessary if only we had arrived earlier when there are buses that go straight into Malacca Sentral. Unfortunately for us, we were kind of hit on by those men who take advantage of you in Larkin Station. And we believed them. So not only did we pay double for the bus ride at RM 40 (take note of how much we paid from Malacca to JB), we also had to take a 1 hour and a half taxi into Malacca at breaking dawn. The taxi cost us RM 140, but the kind driver was very, very nice to us, making sure we got into the right place.

Oriental Residence Guesthouse, Malacca

Oriental Residence – Because we arrived at 8am the next day, we had to pay for practically 2 nights for our accommodation which is at RM 70 / night private room. Asri was kind enough to let us bargain for it since we did arrive in the morning already. Instead of leaving at night, like we should’ve in the first original plan (we were only slated to stay for one night), we decided to stay a night at Malacca, resulting in me missing my sister’s plans for Pulau Ubin and Darwin missing his first conference.

Now that I realize it and that I’m more comfortable now in dormstays and guesthouses, this is actually quite expensive, especially since a co-blogger recently pointed out that they found a much cheaper guesthouse also along the river. Since there were two of us, technically, we each only paid RM 60 for two nights, which is pretty okay IF only we had actually stayed two nights.

Souvenirs – As a tourist and newbie traveler, I bought quite a lot of souvenirs, after all, it was my first trip outside the country alone and I wanted some things to remember the trip by. I ended up buying quite a lot.

You can also walk the whole city so unless you want to try a trishaw, you don’t really have to pay anything to get around.

where to go in Malacca

you can walk the city too!

I realize that spending P3688 on a 2 nights trip isn’t cheap, especially if you compare it to my Kota Kinabalu budget here. But, because of the many circumstances that we went through, this was the best we could do. If you want a clearer version of what could be your budget if things DON’T go wrong, minus the expensive taxi ride from Seremban to Malacca, half the bus fare from Larkin to Seremban and the souvenirs. If you don’t go through these unnecessary expenses and the souvenirs, that’s already cutting off around RM 127 or P1726 of OUR expenses, turning the budget into somewhere around P2000 for two nights. Now that would be pretty cheap.

Despite the many circumstances that made this trip expensive, I don’t regret anything. As a first time traveler outside, I kinda had fun and I learned a lot. Malacca is really beautiful and interesting and I totally love the vibe there. If given the chance, yes, I would take another shot at touring Malacca.

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