You know how I hate rain? Well, I do.
Okay, I’m just kidding. I love rain. But when it rains, I feel like I can’t even get the chance to enjoy traveling anymore. It doesn’t feel fun anymore like when it’s sunny I can go to the beach and prance around in good weather.

When it rains, the waves are too high and too big and I suddenly don’t feel safe anymore. When it rains, the trail gets slippery and there is mud everywhere and the possibility of a snake gets higher. When it rains, I feel so cold that I just want to go home and stay at home and lie down and sleep.

That’s what happens when it rains. So basically, now that its been raining for weeks, this is what I plan to do all day.

Or at least that’s what I had planned to do.

But finally, I discovered something that could help me out with my dilemma.

I got a polarized pair of sunglasses and a Vapor jacket from Spyder Philippines. Both items are designed to help me get through the rainy season without having to stop all of my activities.

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Vapor Jacket

At first look, the Vapor jacket looked pretty thin. But when I finally got to touch it, I realized that it only looked thin from the outside but when you get a feel of its texture and its quality, you know you’re going to be climbing mountains in the rain soon.
The Vapor Jacket is created out of a Hydrophobic coated material that allows it to sustain water on the outside, without letting it penetrate the fabric. It also has CoolTex type of fabric which allows moisture in the skin to evaporate, providing the wearer with a cool feel while wearing it. The jacket has a helmet hood that prevents water from coming into the collar area. And for days when rain won’t be a problem, you can easily store the hood in the collar pocket. There is also a rear pocket which can be used as a pouch.
The extended back is also a benefit for me because if a jacket is too fit on me, it’ll easily allow the water to seep in.
Now, when it’s raining, it’s not just the cold or the water that bothers me. It’s the fact that I can’t see clearly when it rains.

What if I just happen to be walking along a cliff, right?

With the polarized sunglasses from Spyder Philippines acting like blinds to rearrange the current lighting situation, it results in letting me see my surroundings, despite the glare. Glare can be caused not just by rain, but even by fog or early morning dew.

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Spyder Polarized sunglasses

I highly recommend this pair of sunglasses to those who like to bike along roads and highways. May help you get that winning edge.
Having these sunglasses not only helps you avoid glare, it also adds contrast, provides 100% UV protection and allows you to experience less eye fatigue with improved color perception. Nothing like an all-around pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes at ease while traveling, right?
I just love my new jacket and glasses. I can’t wait to wear them again during my travels.
My brother even borrows my jacket whenever he goes to school. He thinks it’s the coolest waterproof jacket he’s ever had.
Many thanks to Spyder Philippines!
Please don’t forget to LIKE their page! You never know, you might win one of their great products!

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