One of my dreams ever since finding out that I like to travel is to share this passion with other people. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to find other like-minded people who also share the same passion.

However, there’s still so many people who believes that traveling is just much too expensive and that they cannot do it if there’s no one there to guide them.

Thus, after realizing how much I love making itineraries, enjoying planning different destinations, me and a bunch of other travel bloggers decided to find a way to share our passion and love for traveling by opening up a travel group.

But not just any travel group. We wanted to share the deepest secrets of traveling – traveling to destinations that the mainstream tourism has never heard of, destinations that are rarely seen in other tour groups. Without having to break banks.

We wanted to help others develop that love for our country that runs deeper than languages, dirty politicians, poverty and flash floods. Deeper than having to stay to serve your country, sacrificing your own development for the development of your country.

We wanted to show you how blessed we are by God, despite our constant struggles with everyday life.

Because when you’ve seen the magnificent limestone cliffs surrounded by gorgeous, clear waters in Palawan, you know our country is worth it. And when you see the peak of Mt. Pulag and how amazing it feels to be wrapped up in clouds, you know it wasn’t just magic that made that happen. And when you walk 3 hours in unruly dust and ashes just to see the picturesque beauty of Mt. Pinatubo, you know that after every tragedy, there is always a blessing in disguise. You realize how beautiful Mother Nature is.

And you’ll regret throwing that piece of junk in the middle of the jeep while going home.

Because when you see the truly white sands of Bantayan Island, you realize that the Philippines doesn’t just have Boracay to offer. It has more. So much more and sometimes, before we go jetsetting to other countries and believing that other countries have greener pastures, we have to discover our own first.

So, in light of my whole (hopefully convincing speech), I invite you to join us.

Join us as we travel the country. Join us as we travel the world. 

The cheapest way possible of course. Because this is how we see traveling.

Full of experiences. But never defined by how much you spend.

For more details on Project Dora, please visit

Like our Facebook at and join us in Baler on October 6 – 7!

Brenna is the sole owner of The Philippine Travelogue, an online journal of her travel adventures and experiences. Brenna is a freelance writer, online marketing and social media specialist and a blogger with a constant itch for adventure and thrill. For inquiries, suggestions and invitations please send a message.

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