Even though Singapore is a small country, you shouldn’t underestimate the places you can go to. And despite the argument in the traveling world that differentiates a traveler from a tourist, with the “traveler” refusing to go to usual tourist destinations, I didn’t really care.

Okay, that’s not true. It bothers me a little that there’s even an argument about it! But really, who’s to say that I’m not a traveler just because I like tourist destinations?

Anyway, we’re getting off the point.

The Singapore Flyer is similar to a Ferris Wheel, except that in pods and possibly four times the size of the largest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines. Other than being a good place to watch the city lights at night, it is also a good place for overlooking views. For those who like overlooking views, the Singapore Flyer is also a restaurant to some, so they can eat while enjoying the view at the same time.

So, when I was lucky enough to be chosen to go to the Singapore Blog Awards 2012, this included a ticket to the Singapore Flyer – for free!


That was pretty convenient because despite this trip being my second time in Singapore, I haven’t been to the Flyer yet, especially because the rates for it are kind of expensive.

So, after the SBA2012 awarding, everyone headed off to the Singapore Flyer – or at least, we did. It was a good thing when we went, there weren’t any lines so we didn’t have to wait long.

Inside the flyer though, there is also a museum and an art gallery.

From outside, I didn’t think that the flyer pods would look so big, but in reality, yes, they’re pretty big. You can even fit as much as 15 – 20 people in one pod, I think.

Joker is with us!

When it was our time to enter the pod, we had to jump into it, because just like the ferries wheel in the Philippines, the Flyer never stops. It continues on and on, in the slow pace that it usually goes. You have to make the jump, otherwise you take the next pod. It wasn’t hard, but I’m guessing for those who are queasy with heights, they’ll find it a little scary.

For the first 10 minutes, I was okay. I continued taking shots, heck, I was ready to party!

Then, when we had finally taken all the photos that we could and we were a little tired from the places we went to earlier, we settled down on the bench in the middle of the pod.

And that was when I started feeling a little uncomfortable. 

You see, I’m not afraid of heights. Really. But when you’re in a small pod, made out of see-through glass and you can see everything below you and you’re as paranoid as I am, you’ll end up being scared. Really scared.

I didn’t freak out or anything. I don’t think my co-bloggers even knew I was concerned about the height. We had already made it to the top and I could see everything – Marina Bay Sands, the harbor, Sentosa – everything from the top. It made my stomach queasy and I started thinking paranoid things – like what if the glass broke? What if I was in Final Destination and my pod broke? Yes, dramatic, but you can’t really control how you’ll feel at the top.

For the rest of the ride, I sat down with the rest, refusing to look down and holding onto something, desperately pushing away paranoid thoughts.

I had to. Or else, I’d panic.

We reached ground safely and had to jump out again, similar to how we came in.

I also saw another pod with some tables and chairs. I heard that you can also eat at the Singapore Flyer and I wondered if I’d enjoy that. Or would I succumb to my paranoia instead?

The verdict?

Joker is with us!

Yes, you should try it. I’m not at all sure if it’s worth it for it’s expensive price at around SG$30 I think. But if you’re in for anything new, yes, you should try it. After all, it’s really nice to see overlooking views at the top. But besides the view, there really isn’t anything much you can do inside the pod. So if you’re going to panic, better do it before or after the ride.

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