One of the things I always look for when traveling is adventure and thrill. I’m addicted to thrill, so most of the time, when I travel, I have to find an activity to do to get me to feel this. For a place as close to Manila, as Subic is, having Tree Top Adventure just around the corner is a blessing and opportunity in disguise.

activities in subic

imagine being held up to that height…wouldn’t you feel the thrill?

Trust me, if you have problems, maybe relationships or work, nothing like a visit to this adventure camp will take your mind off your problems… at least for awhile. We all need that, right?

This experience came at just the right time. During our visit to Subic, Tree Top Adventure was part of our itinerary, allowing me to experience its rides for the first time.

Tree Top Adventure

the briefing area

Not only do you get free fresh breeze from the trees and jungle surrounding the area, you also get a thrill of these rides. There’s even one ride where for a split second, you’ll forget to think!

But before going on all rides…

activities in subic

Of course, safety first!

For those who are not necessarily interested in adventure and thrill of speed and heart-wrenching moments, the Canopy Ride, Trekking Adventure and Basic Survival Demo are all an enjoyable experience.

Canopy Ride

Canopy Ride

The Canopy Ride, although you’re practically meters high up allows you to convene with your inner-Encantadias as you go through lush forests in slow speed. Just don’t look down, else you’ll definitely feel the fear.

what to do in subic

Walking on a plank after the canopy ride


The Superman Ride is their version of zipline, speed-pulling you back to the other side of the camp and then back again. While I’m used to ziplining, in fact, I enjoy it, their zipline gives a different thrill because you have to lie down, with only two rods to support you. Advise: Hold tight to the rod. After all, you’re no real Superman.

Tree Drop Adventure, or their version of rapel, is not exactly rapelling, but a very heart-wrenching, mind blowing, name-forgetting, scream-drying, curse-worthy activity, but an actual drop adventure where they will literally drop you like it’s hot from several meters up high. Yes, you’ll definitely forget to scream and your name during the ride. Must do for those with problems. I guarantee, your mind will go blank, even for a few seconds.

what to do in subic

this guy is just about to forget his name…

The Silver Surfer, allows you and a friend to speed from one point to another, similar to a huge swing and a zipline, only this time, you’re standing up and clutching for dear life onto your ride. Very adventurous and life-changing, this is definitely a must-try for adventure and thrill-seekers.

But the best ride and my favorite of all?


adventure in subic

best ride?


Definitely the Interactive Free Fall.

Nothing like a few minutes of being swung up and down like a yoyo from several feet up, right? RIGHT!

what to do in subic

this human-swing will definitely rock your world

This activity, which I went on with Jerome drove us crazy with laughter. But not mocking-laughter. Crazy laughter, where we exerted our fear and clenched-faced and dropped-hearts (English of nakakalaglag puso. LOL) into what was 3 minutes or more of crazy laughter.

We definitely enjoyed the ride, but boy, when you’re being swung up and down, it makes you think twice of ever trying a yoyo again. Definitely a must try for those who just want to have fun.


Tree Top Adventure

visitors being briefed about the activities

Guests can choose the activity they want to participate in. They can also choose from a set of packages with two or more activities – whichever they choose. Tree Top Adventure is also open, even when it’s raining because tickets are non-refundable. They do have disposable coats, however, only for P100. Adventure packages range from P400 (3 specified rides) – P1120 (all rides). You can choose your ride after the briefing and before getting your tickets.

where to go in subic

Tree Top Adventure

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The Philippine Travelogue thanks Ms. Jeanne, Subic Homes, Zoobic Safari, Tree Top Adventure, Aristocrat, Sumo Sam, Seafood Island for our trip on June 22 – 23, 2012.

The Philippine Travelogue enjoyed her weekend with friends Eric of Byahilo, Darwin of Tracking Treasure, Jerome of Balintataw, Kaiz of Miss Backpacker and Ivan of Batang Lakwatsero.

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