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For those who have a love for steaks, seafood and sushi, there’s no better place to eat than at Sumo Sam. As one of the growing Japanese chain restaurants in the country, Sumo Sam offers food-lovers 8 branches around the country and more opening soon!

Offering a long menu of delicious, flavorful Japanese food, Sumo Sam is eager to impress food lovers with their appetizing dishes in a mid-range price, all worth it for the taste.

where to eat in subic

Sumo Sam at Harbor Point Mall, Subic

Besides producing artfully created masterpieces of food, Sumo Sam definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to taste. No matter what you’re looking for, their selection of good food is enough to satisfy any eager-hungry market – well, me. Okay, that would be us.

For our dinner, we were served with five of their best dishes:


restaurant in subic

The Crunchy Squid Teriyaki, P349

The Crunchy Squid Teriyaki, P349 reminded me of a dish I tasted only in Singapore, in their Hawker’s Street. Encrusted, with quite a finger-licking taste, this dish is definitely a must try – especially for those who are hoping to get some alcoholic drinks or beer from the menu.


where to eat in subic

The Dynamite Roll, P278

The Dynamite Roll, P278, the second type of sushi I’ve tasted besides Tokyo Tokyo and my Dad’s infamous sushi, was delightfully spicy, with your first bite seemingly icy, until your next bite when you’ll be able to taste the moist and mashed meat with just the right amount of spice for you to want another bite. Dipped in its own sauce, this sushi is an outlook-changer, because it was only then I decided to give sushi another try.


restaurant in subic

The Bacon or Beef Asparagus, P289

The Bacon or Beef Asparagus, P289, was also a delight and despite its usually bitter taste, the bacon wrapped around it gave the vegetable a nutritious, but meaty taste.


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The Pork Kimchi Bowl, P278

The Pork Kimchi Bowl, P278, was a pleasing addition to our menu for the night, because due to the cool wind and airconditioning of our van (and possibly the recent weather condition in Manila), we felt the hot soup mixed with a healthy selection of vegetables and spices was just the right taste for an imaginary rainy day. Cooked to perfection, the slightly peppery, but aromatic appetizer topped the expectations of our hungry stomachs.


places to eat in subic

The Ebi Tempura, P398

The Ebi Tempura, P398, which is not your usual tempura, is also definitely a must-try. I’m not a fan of tempura, but because of the refreshing, savory taste of this battered and deep fried shrimp, I was able to enjoy its tangy taste, dipped in its own special sauce.

subic restaurants

Ice Tea, P98

While Sumo Sam may serve most of the usual Japanese dishes, they definitely don’t settle for the usual taste. Exquisite, satisfying and juicy dishes await you in this casual, yet possibly luxurious restaurant.

I recommend Sumo Sam, especially for families who love spicy and Japanese dishes.


subic restaurants

Sumo Sam Restaurant in Harbor Point, Subic

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The Philippine Travelogue thanks Ms. Jeanne, Subic Homes, Zoobic Safari, Treetop Adventures, Aristocrat, Sumo Sam, Seafood Island for our trip on June 22 – 23, 2012.

The Philippine Travelogue enjoyed her weekend with friends Eric of Byahilo, Darwin of Tracking Treasure, Jerome of Balintataw, Kaiz of Miss Backpacker and Ivan of Batang Lakwatsero.

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