I woke up to the unfamiliar warmth of someone by my side. Usually, I’d think that I’d just come from a what-the-f^ck-did-I-do-last-night kind of morning. For the few seconds that I shook off sleep, I took in time to appreciate the soft bed and comfy covers. My pillows smelled good too and I felt totally relaxed, which was a shock since I’ve recently been too deep with my work.

Apulit Islands Resorts, El Nido

Apulit Islands Resorts, Photo by Melo Villareal of Outoftownblog.com


But as the morning crept up to me and I recall the night before, I start to smile.

I turn over slowly, to face him and found him awake already, his eyes pinned on me like the day we met at the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival. Up till now, he still takes my breath away.

It was those huge, almond eyes, like he knew how to stare into the soul of a person, my soul. Like he knew me so well, despite our difference, despite my reluctance in actually starting a relationship.

“Good morning,” I say to him.

He smiles, reaching over to brush my hair off my face.

I search his eyes for awhile, trying to look for any sign of regret, maybe try to see if he was just one of those jerks that I was so used to dating.

“It’s a nice way to wake up,” he tells me and I couldn’t help myself from beaming.

He reaches over and kisses me on the forehead, before he slips out of bed and disappears behind a door.

For a moment, I reveled in the moment. The sweet gesture, the man of my dreams, that warm, cozy feeling of NOT being alone. It was amazing his effect on me. I closed my eyes for a while, hoping that this would not be a dream.

Suddenly, I thought I heard the faint sound of waves, maybe a fragment of my imagination or something.

But then I remembered.

I stood up, pulling the sheets with me and headed to the slightly closed curtains that separated me from the sound of waves. I slowly pulled open.

And I gasped.

For the short moment that he and I shared on this bed, I almost forgot where I was.

Apulit Islands Resort

Apulit Islands Resort, Photo by Melo Villareal

There, just below our room was the clearest, most beautiful blue-green waters I’d ever seen. It was so clear that I could see fish swimming below and I had to hold back my hunger for thrill to jump and just commune with nature. Accentuated by the limestone cliffs and lush green forests surrounding the area, it was a scene of serenity and adventure.

I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and I look back to face him. He smiles at me, and he doesn’t know how his brilliant smile just lit up my spirits.

I breathe in the fresh air, that damp aroma of cool waters and the soft, humid breeze of mid-July.

He nudges me and points to a seemingly big, black figure in the clear waters.

“Oh my gawd, is that…” I trail off in shock and I watch as the figure slowly swims towards us, its actual shape coming into clarity with its close proximity.

I step back, for a moment, forgetting that it wouldn’t actually be able to catch me, while I was on my stilted cottage.

“Black tip reef shark,” he tells me and I look over to him to catch that same look I saw on him in Zamboanga that first caught my attention. He was in love with this stuff – with nature, adventure, with culture – and I think that’s what I love about him.

Yes. Finally, for the first time I admit… I was falling.

Apulit Islands Resort

Apulit Islands Resort Photo by Upper Viceo

We spent the whole day just lazing about in the beautiful resort. Kayaking through the clear, blue-green waters, caving in the limestone cliffs, playing like kids at the beach and resting on the soft, white sands.

We also took turns feeling the breeze and dipping in the recently finished infinity pool, which he loved, because he says he loved the look of infinity, a definition he wanted for his life: infinite experience of love, life, laughter and adventure.

Then, just before sunset, we headed over to the east cottages, where according to some people, was the place to see the sun sink into the horizon.

I didn’t expect to see a sunset, especially because it was already mid-July, where rain and thunderstorms were common in the country.

But just today, maybe just because I was with him, when the clash of colors of pink, red, purple, orange and yellow exploded above the sky followed the setting sun, I thought it was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen.

Apulit Islands Resort

Apulit Islands Resort from Agoda.net

I could feel my heart melt as he kissed my forehead, ever so gently. He reaches out to entwine my hand with his, fitting together, like a figure of perfection.

“It’s beautiful,” I tell him as I watched the colorful skies and its rays shine over the blue-green, clear waves crashing into the white shores of Apulit Island, Palawan.

“Remember when you told me this was one of your dreams?” he asks me.

I blush, remembering the drunken night at the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, where I spilled my guts out to him.

“You remember?” I bite my lips, to prevent myself from seeming too impressed.

“I remember,” he confirms.

He slowly leans over to give me a kiss.

Strange how someone can have such an effect on you. You know, when it seems like the world has gone on slow motion, just so you can experience everything by moment, like a video maker. And suddenly you feel so giddy that you want to swim naked, just for the love of life.

It was beautiful. He was beautiful.

I felt beautiful.

There’s definitely nothing like falling in love at the Apulit Island Resort of Palawan.

This is my entry to the Apulit Island Resort Blogger’s Contest.

Many thanks to Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog and Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet for inspiration.

Special thanks to Melo Villareal, Upper Viceo of Offbeat Wanders and Agoda.net for the beautiful pictures of Apulit Islands Resorts.

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