Learning how to fund my wanderlust has been a big push and pull for me – ever since college, when I first started to travel. I had a lot of priorities then and I’m not big on priorities, either, putting a huge setback to my funds.

prioritize savings for travel

However, as time passes, and I learn from other travel bloggers and as my addiction and hunger for travel goes stronger, I’ve learned a few tips to help me build up my savings.

While normally, I’d tell you to open up accounts for savings, stay up late to wait for cheap flights during airline promos, buy a piggy bank for your day-to-day travel fund or hide your money somewhere in your closet that you’ll forget you have them until you go traveling, this time, we’ll begin somewhere small – where I’m starting.

After all, you gotta start somewhere, right? Uh…right?

Situation: My friends from college invite me for drinks or to go party.

What I do: I think about the time I got so drunk that I puked all night with my high school friends. The next morning, I hardly remembered anything before vomiting. I don’t want that to happen again. Total turn off.

What happens: Me: I have work.

Situation: My friends invite me for a get-together.

What I do: Ask when and where. Most likely, if I’ll be forced to spend and commute, I’ll be too lazy to, (good thing I’m lazy). Instead, I invite them to my house and they bring drinks and food.

What happens: I don’t spend ANYTHING. I still get to eat and bond though.

Situation: I pass by Starbucks on the way to work

What I do: I walk faster, ignore the huge Starbucks sign calling my name and practically run until the store is out of sight.

What happens: Moody, sleepy me all day.

Situation: I am hungry again due to stress. For the 3rd time of the day. And it isn’t even lunch yet.

What I do: I bring an extra pack of Spaghetti sold by the woman that passes our house every day and only costs P13.

What happens: I save myself from a trip to McDonalds and spending over P100.

Situation: I am hungry again due to stress. For the 6th time and it’s only 3pm in the afternoon.

What I do: I stay cooped up at work; pretend I don’t hear my co-workers calling for merienda and bury myself at work.

What happens: I get extra stressed out that I accidentally start an argument with one of my writers.

Situation: I’m bored. I get hungry.

What I do: Watch all the scariest and goriest movies possible so eating will only make me want to vomit.

What happens: I can’t sleep the same night because I’m too freaked out about seeing the intestines of a person in Friday the 13th.

Situation: We have a major, stressful project at work. I stress eat. A LOT.

What I do: I request for work at home so I don’t have to buy food.

What happens: I eat a lot, sleep a lot and stay up until 4am finishing the project. Major OT time!

Situation: I want a new dress.

What I do: I count to three, close all Facebook online shopping tabs, close my eyes and remember I have work.

What happens: I open Facebook again and place in my orders. #majorfail.

Situation: I want to go to Shangrila for Punchdrunk Panda and Quirks Novelties and Curiosities.

What I do: Take the other way home.

What happens: Next day? I still want to go to Punchdrunk Panda for the shoes and Quirks for a wallet.

Situation: Lunch time. McDonalds? Cafeteria with food costing P59?

What I do: Ask co-workers if we could go buy from the carenderia two blocks away that only costs P30 a meal. No extra rice.

What happens: I save P30 from my usual lunch money.

Situation: I usually buy Fit and Right at lunch time, just to quench my thirst for juice.

What I do: Bring a small packet of juice costing P10 for more than a week of refills.

What happens: Usually? I still end up buying Fit and Right anyway.

Situation: Friends invite me for a night out. I may have to spend a lot of money on a taxi getting home.

What I do: I make sure I know the way home by commute. If not, I either refuse to go out OR I go home earlier than usual.

What happens: I miss out on all the fun they could’ve been having. I kid. If I do go on the night out, I usually end up staying the whole night anyway and forcing one of my friends with cars to take me home. I’m persuasive, that way.

You see, the passion for travel is not just defined by how much money or time you have. Sometimes, it’s all in your will to make it happen. While I may not always be successful in trying to save up for my travel funds, I know I am making the move to. The results may not always make me happy or satisfied, but I’m definitely willing to make sacrifices.  After all, a little sacrifice just to travel is definitely worth it.

shores of Malapascua

travel as inspiration to save

During bad saving days when I can’t help but spend, all I have to do is remember all my plans for the upcoming months. Take a look at the beautiful pictures of Siquijor, Cambodia and Coron and I’ll be back to my saving days.

Best scenarios when I follow all steps to saving? I can save about P2000-3000 every paycheck. I bet that’s enough for a quickie out of town.

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ June, 2012 Blog Carnival: How to Fund Your Wanderlust, to be hosted by James Betia of Journeying James.



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