Okay. So it’s not Sunday. Who cares?

I did take some of the photos on a Sunday, does that count? Lol.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the Supermoon from Anilao, Batangas.

These shots were taken from 8pm, May 5 to 5am on May 6.

Series of photos are posted consecutively by time it was taken.

at 9pm on May 5


at 9.30pm on May 5


at 10.00pm on May 5

at 10.30pm on May 5

at 4.30am on May 6


around 4.30am on May 6


around 4.45am on May 6


around 4.45am on May 6

My best photo of the supermoon at 4.30am in the morning of May 6


around 5am on May 6

a photo of the supermoon on May 7, around 8.30pm


Pardon the slight attempt at a watermark, I really hate having to put one cause I suck at photoshop. Anyway, at least I enjoyed taking pictures of the moon.



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