Sometimes, when people find out that you are going to various places, they say that you are rich. However, when you do some research and find the best ways to enjoy the place, you may just be able to find a way to get yourself to that specific place without having to burn your pockets. For example, seeing the pictures of Pulau Tioman may make you think that you need a lot of money to come to this place.

Pulau Tioman

But for those who just want a weekend off, without costing you your whole salary, here’s how much you can spend on your Pulau Tioman trip:

This budget is for 4 people because there were 4 of us.

Jump off point is from Singapore because ideally this is for those who are coming from Singapore. For those who will be going to Kuala Lumpur, their budget would be similar to mine.

*This is what I SPENT based on my situation.

Currency is in Malaysian Ringgits, based on a very low exchange of RM 2.35 at Mersing

**By the way, we splurged on food, so that amount is already quite high

***I also splurged on food – even when I was alone on the second day.

Itinerary Cost for 4 Pax Cost per Pax*


JB Larkin – Mersing RM46 RM11.50
Mersing – JB Larkin (still RM11.50) N/A
Ferry RT RM280 RM70
Mersing – Kuala Lumpur RM30


Salang Beach Resort RM 145 RM36.25


Lunch RM37** RM9.25
Dinner RM49** RM12.25
Breakfast (D2) RM9***
Lunch (D2) RM20.50***


Medicine RM2 RM0.50
Other Snacks RM10 RM2.50
Water (2 bottles) RM3.60 RM0.90
Internet RM8
Total RM572.6 RM210.65



I spent a total of RM210.65 in Pulau Tioman from Larkin Bus Station to Bandar Tasek Selatan in Kuala Lumpur. Based on an exchange rate of P13 = RM1, I spent PHP 2738.45 in Pulau Tioman. This is not bad, considering that I splurged on food.

Pulau Tioman

Before you go to Pulau Tioman, however, take note of these tips:

  • ALWAYS change your money before you get to Mersing. Mersing has a very low exchange rate that even the bus station in Larkin has a better exchange rate. If you are coming from Malacca, have your money exchanged there as during my trip, that was where I experienced the highest exchange rate.
  • There is a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing. There’s one at Bandar Tasek Selatan
  • Bring lots of food and snacks.
  • The boat ride going to Pulau Tioman, especially for those who will be going to Salang, should always prepare at least 2.5 hours of ferry. Many articles say that the ride takes only about  1 hour and a half, however, it is best to consider waiting hours, the speed of the ferry and the stops they make. My trip back to Mersing started at 4.30pm and we arrived in Mersing at around 7pm.
  • Don’t expect 5 star quality resorts in Salang. Most of the resorts here are budgeted, so you get what you paid for.
  • Food can range from RM3 – RM 26, depending on the size of the meal and the restaurant you’ll be going to.
  • Ferry tickets can be bought at the ferry terminal in Mersing
  • Schedule of boat is ALWAYS subject to change depending on the tide.
  • Don’t waste your money renting internet. Internet is very, very, very slow.
  • Be careful when swimming on the other end of the beach. There are some sharp rocks. However, the one nearest to the wharf is great and shallow during low tide. Sand is creamy white, but clear, perfect for kids.
  • There are a few restaurants that sell beer and are open up to 12 midnight. However, besides that, there’s less of a party scene on the beach.
  • Oh, by the way, Pulau Tioman is also a great place to get your scuba license. There are several in the area.
  • No matter which beach you choose to stay on, you won’t regret it. All beaches are gorgeous.
  • For those who like to surf, the surf is on the other side of the island.
  • There are island hopping tours for about RM100/each, minimum of 4 pax. Rental of snorkeling gear is around RM7. For those who’d only like to go to a specific island or destination, rates will vary.
  • The restaurants specialize in their “milk tea” or simply “iced tea” which is just regular Lipton tea, mixed with milk and sugar. This is a must-try. So is their curry.
  • When the tide rises and the dark encloses the island, the wharf is filled with fishermen. This is because several schools of fish swarm the wharf – from what looked like swordfishes to regular looking fish, it’s a haven for fishermen.
  • There is also a beautiful sunset that can be seen in Salang.


Sunset at Pulau Tioman

If you’re in Malaysia or dropping by in Singapore, make sure to visit Pulau Tioman. Enjoy untouched beauty, nature, super clear and clean waters and a taste of the sun for only a small amount of money at the gorgeous Pulau Tioman.

Here are more tips on how to go to the beautiful island.

Here’s the schedule for the ferry.


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