Really, I’ve heard too many people tell me that I’m rich, that traveling can only be done by the rich, that they haven’t saved up enough to travel, that they cannot travel because they’re not rich enough. Thing is, I’m just like any ordinary person who has such a hard time budgeting, saving money for travel and I’m no richer than any of you. However, yes, you can travel without having to sell your soul nor be one of those people who love the luxury in life – even if that’s definitely not a bad thing at all.

Baler has been overlooked because La Union is way more accessible on the other side. Plus, you can even go to Pangasinan on the way. Baler, on the other hand, is much less reachable because everyone thinks that there are NPAs at the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, possible, but the road doesn’t go in too deep and the fact that less people know what a beautiful place Baler is. Yes, Baler is definitely one of the hidden gems of the Philippines. It has gorgeous falls, absolutely breathtaking beaches and a seaside of surfing, there’s no reason for you to cross out Baler to become one of the best summer destinations. Hidden, hard to reach, but beautiful and surprising, Baler will make you fall in love with it – just like it did in the movie.


The Hidden Beauty of Baler

So, since summer is approaching and I know many of you have been waiting out for this – here’s the possible budget for Baler. It didn’t even cost me more than P3000!



For 8 Pax

Per Pax


Pacific Waves P2550* P318.75


MNL – Cabanatuan P185*
Cabanatuan – Baler P176 **
Baler – Cabanatuan P300 ***
Cabanatuan – MNL P185


Day 1 P2400 P300*
Day 2 ** P900 P112
Surfing P350***


D1 Breakfast P17*
D1 Lunch P150**
D1 Dinner P520 P65***
D2 Breakfast P130****
D2 Lunch P55*****
D2 Dinner P24******
Souvenirs P200
Total Expenses for Baler Per Pax P2567.75



*Accommodation cost P2100 (for 6 pax) with additional P150 per extra pax with bed and another P150 for extension of two hours.


*Not sure if this was actually P185 or P189. But I am sure that rate from Cabanatuan-MNL is P185.

** Non-aircon, ordinary bus which actually proved to be okay because the air going to Baler was very fresh and even if the road was rough and we couldn’t sleep well because the bench at the back seemed to buckle every time we ran over a rough patch.

***We missed the last bus to Cabanatuan/Manila via Genesis and Joybus was fully booked so we had to hire a van to take us to Cabanatuan. Van was non-aircon.

Tours and Activities

* Each tricycle cost P800 and it would only fit up to 3 pax. There was 8 of us so we had to hire 3 tricycles. To even out the cost, we added the total cost and divided it by 8.

** This could possibly be optional. If we had arrived earlier on the first day, we wouldn’t have had to take a 2nd Day tour. Although they had a price of P500/tricycle, we used our best hagglers, Cai and Chino to haggle the price down to P300/tricycle.

***Price is regulated at P350/hour with instructor and surfboard.


*Goto at the Bus Station to Baler

**Price was very much worth it because this was a buffet at Gerry Shan’s Place with UNLIMITED iced tea.

***Ate at Shane’s Eatery, ordered several types of food and shared it among us.

****Breakfast at Bay’s Inn

*****Lunch at 5pm in Nueva Ecija

******Was so full at lunch that I only ordered peach mango pie from Jolibee

What are you waiting for? Make Baler your summer destination!

Wait for the rest of my Baler series for more details!

Pacific Waves Inn

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