On March 27, 2012 I will walk down the aisle of PICC as a graduate. FINALLY! However, despite my hesitation to actually go up the stage to take my diploma, I want to stay home and do more work in order to finance my upcoming plans that I am still doubting no matter how confident I may seem.

It’s been my plan to go to Singapore for many months now, ever since my sister began to work there. I even offered to bring her everything she needs just so she’d pay for my airfare going to Singapore. However, when I was able to score a ticket from South East Asian Airlines, I was ecstatic and suddenly, the plan seemed to be much bigger than just Singapore.

A few days after, my friend, Darwin of Tracking Treasure mentioned that he was going to Singapore too, for work reasons and he had a few days before the conference to get some time exploring. I was immediately psyched. As a travel blogger as well, I knew I could take invite Darwin to go with me to almost anywhere I wanted. And then the planning started. My first plan had been to go to Melacca and then Singapore. When I realized that I could make it to Bangkok as well, I decided to think even bigger.

I had a plan of going to Melacca with Darwin for the weekend, then head to Kuala Lumpur after to meet my sister who had decided to take some time off to tour with me. We’d planned on going to Penang and then going back to Kuala Lumpur to tour the city.

My original plan had been to go back to Singapore with my sister and then fly back to Manila after her birthday (April 20th). However, my friends, Jerome of Balintataw, Doi of The Traveling Feet, Ed of SoloflightEd and Cai of Pink Tsinelas had planned on going to Laos.

At first, I wasn’t convinced. But then Jerome was going to Kuala Lumpur and I thought – hey! Why not, right? Maybe I could go too!

So, there I was my plan of an SG-Malaysia trip suddenly growing bigger by the moment. I already had an SG-KUL-VTE itinerary. However, when I checked the internet and various airlines for cheap airfare, I no longer wanted to go. How could I? The airfare cost approximately P8,000! That was way over the budget. I knew I could’ve spent that on Bangkok if I wanted to.

There I was, rearranging my plans again. I suddenly wanted to do SG-KUL-BKK-REP (Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Siem Reap) instead. However, I couldn’t help playing with the idea. Could I really do 6 countries in 2 weeks? Yeah, it’d be a really fast trip and I probably would be on the road most of the time. Could I really save up and work for enough money that I could make that trip? Was I truly ready to be out there on the road in countries I have no idea about? I feel that I have only about 40% chance of actually making this happen. Oh well, there’s no harm in hoping.

Best follow my trail so you can put a wager in my success. Can I make this trip or NOT?

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