When I was 9 years old amidst the lonely island country of Papua New Guinea, all I did was write. My dream someday – it changed every week, depending on what was more interesting during that week – McClaud’s Daughters or The Third Watch.

This year, dreams have changed. From the huge, overwhelming dream of getting to every single province in the Philippines, I now dream of getting to every country in the world – including Guam.

Hell, that’s a lot to take in right? So at the moment, before my birthday, I’m considering a challenge to myself. Like many other travel bloggers, I would like to take on the 25 countries before 25 challenge. Entering my 22nd year soon, I am running out of time. That’s not going to get me down though. I am as competitive as the models in America’s Next Top Model and I am ready to take the challenge.

So, when I was invited by Heinz Tomato Ketchup and United Airlines to join their contest, I couldn’t resist their invitation. Besides, I was going to do so many things in Guam!

  • Become friends with the underwater life in Guam.

Go one on one with fish in the sea in Guam

With their exceptionally clear and magnificent waters, Guam has an inviting variety of underwater creatures – from unspoiled coral reefs to shipwrecks during World War II, from magnificent dolphins to eventually becoming a fish in the sea after hours and hours of snorkeling. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to enjoy beautiful waters. Guam is the picture perfect place to be to enjoy underwater life.

  • Get sunburned.

What’s a little sunburn when you’re enjoying the long stretches of white sands in Guam? Nothing! Gotta make sacrifices to enjoy your life, right? Between lazing in the sand, trying out various watersports and swimming – I bet I wouldn’t come out of this trip NOT sunburned.

Get sunburned

  • Feel like I’m on Survivor.

So, I get a little hunger-crazy for adventure. And when I found out Guam has a large area of unexplored jungle with caves, waterfalls, beaches and World War II battlefields, I couldn’t help but include this in my list. What’s a trip without adventure? Imma discover Guam’s secrets one by one.


  • Pretend I’m a model and a TV Travel host

Admit it. Everyone who loves to travel is a total camwhore and has a dream of hosting their own travel show. I’m one of them. In Guam’s engaging environment, gorgeous beaches, absolutely breathtaking hills and cliffs – I’d love to host my “own” travel show and have my own photoshoot. Who cares if I’m not any inch taller than 5”? I definitely don’t. Neither will anyone who sees my background.


Photo by Renz of the Traveling Nomad

I told myself:

One day, I’m going to take the world by storm.


Who knows? It might begin with Guam.


This is an entry to the Heinz Tomato Ketchup and United Airlines’s Blogger Contest.


Brenna is the sole owner of The Philippine Travelogue, an online journal of her travel adventures and experiences. Brenna is a freelance writer, online marketing and social media specialist and a blogger with a constant itch for adventure and thrill. For inquiries, suggestions and invitations please send a message.

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