I’d been thinking of putting all of my Eurotel experiences in one post, but because I’m a highly detailed person, I remember almost every single detail of the trip…and I just couldn’t fit it all into one post.

I woke up to my alarm at around 5.30am, but because I was greatly enjoying my sleep, I went back to bed. Chino and I didn’t wake up until around 7.30 and by then, we were scrambling about, wondering if we’d make the call time for breakfast. We went down to find that we were the first of our group to actually have come down for breakfast. Hooray for us! I bet I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed their sleep the night before.

Breakfast at Eurotel

Breakfast at Eurotel

I’m very particular about my breakfast. I love eating breakfast and I love enjoying a delicious meal in the morning. Good thing Eurotel had prepared an engaging breakfast meal that included corned beef – my favorite, eggs, and garlic rice – a meal which I approved of. I’m also a big mango juice drinker so I appreciated the delicious mango and apple juice they’d set.

By the way, the night before, Zyn, Genner and Joel had challenged us to a game of finding specific locations in Baguio and taking the exact same pictures to win the challenge. The rest of the gang had already set off to do their part of the challenge. Chino and I… well, we went back to the room for more sleep.

At around 10.30am, we headed back down for our tour in Baguio again.

Orchidarium and Bell Church




I’d never visited the Orchidarium yet so it was nice to see all the blooming flowers in different types and colors. Really, Baguio makes the best place for beautiful flowers. The others were making plans to buy one. I wanted to buy one too, but because I had an agenda on Monday, I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry everything myself.


The Bell Church

The Bell Church Gate Entrance

The Bell church wasn’t new to me, however. I’d been to the Bell church already and I even remember that there was once a time when I was so enchanted with Baguio that even the Santorini (the colorful houses on the mountain) looked amazing for me.


Baguio's Santorini


The Bell Church

The Bell Church


Before we could head off to the Strawberry Farm, however, we headed off to Oh My Gulay, a famous restaurant in Baguio, specializing in … well, gulay or vegetables in English.


Oh My Gulay


Oh My Gulay

Oh My Gulay

My first reaction to this place was… ew! I don’t like vegetables, really and I’m definitely not a big eater of all the green stuff. I was wondering what I’d eat here and why it was so popular. The thing about Oh My Gulay is that it portrays a very artistic place – unique, out of all restaurants I’d ever seen. Being on top of a 5 storey building, I think, it also overlooked a lot in Baguio City, making it a refreshing restaurant experience. Good thing, I listened to the waitress when I asked for her opinion. Food was exquisite, delicious and may I say – very much healthy. I highly recommend the Mushroom Onion Crepe. I hate mushroom, I really do, but hey, it was delicious enough.

I had their Dayap Lemon Ice Tea, which was also tasty.


Strawberry Farm and Tam-awan Village


Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm

When lunch was over, we headed off to the Strawberry Farm. The atmosphere was becoming cooler by the second and I was glad I wore jeans. My doll shoes, on the other hand, I wouldn’t say the same. We went into the farm, so you can imagine that soft soil and doll shoes definitely don’t make a great team.

I couldn’t take home strawberries with me either, especially because of my Monday agenda, so I didn’t buy anything. I’m not a huge fan of strawberry ice cream or strawberry Taho either so I literally spent nothing on my visit there. Kurt and Stacy of Crumpylicious were both encouraging me to try the Taho or the ice cream but because of the cool atmosphere, I really wasn’t in any mood. Besides, I knew I’d be back to Baguio soon enough.


After Strawberry Farm, we headed back to the city to visit Tam-awan Village. I’d been to Tam-awan Village as well, during my first visit to Baguio and I remember the fertility statues, the fertility hut and their dream catcher at the top of the hill.


However, when we parked, I don’t seem to remember the mural beside the entrance. We sat around first, waiting for our tickets before we entered the village. Mind you, the village is a continuous hike. I even remember the hanging bridge that I couldn’t find anymore during this recent visit!


Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan Village

Maybe so much has changed. We went up with the team, took some pictures of the hut along the way, but despite that, I followed Genner, Joel and Zyn as they went through the narrow, slippery pathway that we originally thought would lead us to the dreamcatcher. It was a long walk, I remember and it was a little tiring because we had to go up. However, the weather was cool and I could see the fog coming from the horizon. It was almost like it was going to rain, but really it was just fog.


When we reached the top, we were met with slight disappointment at what looked like a bathroom at the top. Some of us thought it was the dreamcatcher, but I remember seeing the real one and it didn’t look anything like the one we saw that day. We rested for awhile, took some pictures and enjoyed the scenery of the approaching fog. Even just breathing we’d see the air coming out of our noses. Pretty cool.


Tam-awan Village at the Top

Tam-awan Village at the Top

After resting and taking some group pictures, we headed back down. It felt a little shorter, and I was tempted to go off my own way to find the dreamcatcher, however, I really didn’t want to lose sight of my co-bloggers.

We headed back to the café near the entrance. Ivan was already there with his family and so was Eric. I ordered Tuna Carbonara and guess what I had to drink? Gina! The Mango juice drink I totally adored in Batis Aramin, Quezon!

Tuna Carbonara at Tam-awan

Tuna Carbonara at Tam-awan

I would’ve brought home some, if only I could. After a good merienda, us bloggers and the Eurotel Team headed back to Eurotel for some R&R.


I have no idea where the rest of them went when we went back to the hotel, but Chino and I, the lakwatseros we were, ended up in our room again. LOL. I went back to pretending I was working and Chino enjoyed the bathtub.


It was already around 6pm when we arrived in Eurotel, and we were scheduled for dinner at 7pm.

At around 8pm, I think, we met the others at the lounge area, where everyone was waiting to go out for dinner. It was a good thing I didn’t change to shorts because the weather was growing colder by the minute.

If we had lunch at Oh My Gulay, we were now heading to O’ Mai Khan for dinner.


O’ Mai Khan


O Mai Khan

O Mai Khan

The first time I ate in a Mongolian restaurant was at Kublai Khan in Cebu. O’ Mai Khan is the second Mongolian restaurant I’d experience. Just like in Kublai Khan, O’ Mai Khan had the same concept of menu. People would choose their own ingredients for the food that they want and then the chefs would cook and mix it to make it into the dinner we want. In Kublai Khan, we checked a list of ingredients we wanted and they’d do all the mixing. In O’ Mai Khan, we were given a bowl, lined up to a selection of ingredients and filled up the bowl ourselves. When we were done, we’d give it to them and they’d cook it for us. If we happened to not mix the right ingredients, we’d end up hungry the rest of the night.

O Mai Khan

O Mai Khan

However, for some reason, I’m actually a good mixer, despite not knowing what exactly I’d put into my meal. My Mongolian dish was slightly spicy, tasty and a little sweet.


I also ordered ice tea as well, which was a little too sweet, but tasty enough.

Chino and I sat with the marketing team so we were able to get to know them a little better.


When we were done with dinner, we headed outside, only to find ourselves freezing in the very cold Baguio atmosphere. Boy, was I glad to have worn jeans instead of shorts!

Even if I was wearing long sleeves, I could feel the cold seeping through my clothes.


And then… the rest of the gang had a crazy idea to stand out along the road where the cold was even more adamant. Crazy, huh? But, I enjoyed it anyway. Besides, I couldn’t possibly get enough cold especially when I return to Manila.


The team took us back to the hotel and we were ready for our massage! This is just the icing upon the cake. After suffering from bad back aches the whole week, I was definitely ready to get a massage. Ivan lead us into the spa and we were introduced to their services. Spa de Soleil had a very calming ambiance, even as you enter. They have about 4-5 rooms, a room for facials, shower rooms and a sauna.


Spa de Soleil

Spa de Soleil

Eurotel Baguio Spa De Soleil

Abanao Extension

Cel No: 09284343577

Tel No: 424-84-51


We were given a choice of either getting our massage at the spa or in our hotel rooms. We opted for the spa because we wanted to experience the aromatherapy.


Chino and I went first, but we didn’t get to experience the sauna. The one hour massage was very much worth it. I have a very bad back so I was waiting for my massager to figure it out. She did and spent a little more time trying to stretch out whatever’s gotten my back to feel that way. She ended the massage with some hot towels and mango juice. Boy, was I relieved of my back pain, at least for the night.


To end our day, even if I was already completely ready to go to bed after the massage, I couldn’t resist when Zyn, Genner and Joel invited us for ghost hunting at the Loakan Road. Look, I’m not scared of seeing one, I’m really not. I just don’t want the ghost to come after me or my family in the case that it decides to. So I guess, I’m more afraid of what it can do to me than what it’ll look like. Still, I wanted to take this adventure, just in case we would really see one. But no, I was definitely not praying to see one, of course. We were on the van, so no matter what, we’d still be able to escape if anything ever does happen.


So there we were, me, Chino, Eric, Zyn, Genner and Joel headed off with Kuya Ray to look for the famous Loakan Road. We got a little bit lost because none of us knew where the road really was, but eventually, we found ourselves riding along the long road of Loakan. I’d actually been through the road before, but during daytime. Now that it was around 12am already, I was expecting all things creepy. Unfortunately, the road was completely lit up with streetlights and the restaurants and bars along the road. So much for scary. Maybe it was a different scene at 3am or something, because even at 12am that Sunday, there still seemed to be a lot of cars that drove through the road and there were even a lot of people that seemed to enjoy walking along the road despite the time of night. We even passed a group of Koreans who were just simply sitting along the road. Definitely not a recipe for any scary movie.


We’ve heard of so many stories about ghosts and white ladies suddenly appearing at the back seat of the cars that go through this road. The last seat in the van was pretty much empty the whole time. Maybe next time.


When we returned to the hotel, I was definitely ready to go to bed, even if Eric was still interested in walking along the Baguio streets. I fell straight to sleep after fixing my stuff. I even set my alarm at 2am so I could wake up and take an earlier bus to Manila.


Even though I set 4 alarms to ring before 4am, I still ended up waking at 6am.

And no… I didn’t make my call time in Manila at 9am. 


After a quick breakfast and check-out, Ivan and the team handed us some Eurotel tokens for us to remember the trip. They also awarded the winners of the challenge – which apparently, of course, the lazy bum that I am, isn’t me.


They didn’t have to though, every moment I experienced during this trip is very much worth remembering.




Check out Eurotel at www.eurotel-hotel.com

Eurotel Baguio

#123 Abanao Extension, Brgy. Rizal Monument, Baguio City (just right in front of the City Hall)

Tel No: (074) 444-3876

Central Reservation Numbers: 355-0000 / 0999-888-EURO(3876)


My greatest appreciation to Eurotel and their marketing team Ivan Aoki, Zyn, Genner and Joel who made all this a possibility. Thank you!


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