Today, I’d like to share with you how I pack for a 4D3N trip to the North of Cebu. I wanted to write a blog about it, but then I got lazy. I wanted to video tape my packing, but instead, decided to record a podcast – which is less the muscles used in writing and wouldn’t require me to dress up.

I’m a really meticulous packer so I like to think out what I should be packing, what I’ll need during the trip. I’m too lazy to make a list, even if, I have to make sure everything I need is packed, all the essentials are already in my bag and if not, just waiting to be packed.

For first time packers going on a trip, a list will help you not to forget anything.

If you’re too lazy to make one, well, you can just listen to this podcast while I give you the breakdown of what to pack.

Download the podcast or play it below.

[audio:|titles=Tips to Packing]

What are the things you should bring when you pack?


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