Alone at the Top Photo by Renz Bulseco

The Jump I DID NOT Make in Malapascua

The first time I saw Edcel Suyo’s post on Malapascua about the cliff dive I wanted to make the same jump as well. I knew I had to make that jump and since booking my second trip to Cebu I was dying to do the jump.

Malapascua is an island in the north of Cebu, similar to the ambiance of Boracay but prettier and lovelier than the Alona Beach in Bohol. Just seeing the island from afar, I could already find beauty in the island especially because you can literally see the floor of the waters as we were swept away on a small motor boat after getting stuck on sea for 2 hours.

I didn’t even think of making the jump then. By next day, while we were on island hopping, I was having the time of my life and I was still pretty 50/50 on making the jump.

However, when I finally saw the cliff, I gulped.


What the f*** was I about to do?

The Cliff in Malapascua Photo by Chino of Juanderful Pinoy
The Cliff in Malapascua Photo by Chino of Juanderful Pinoy


Deep inside, I didn’t feel that pounding nervousness and shake or anything.

I wanted to jump. I really did.

I wanted to jump that I even went with Drew of Trippings with Drew all the way onto the island, climb the slightly steep cliff up to the top where the view proved to be an immeasurable experience.

Climbing to the Top with Drew of Trippings ni Drew
Climbing to the Top with Drew of Trippings ni Drew


Climbing to the Top with Drew of Trippings ni Drew
Climbing to the Top with Drew of Trippings ni Drew

I can’t describe the feeling at the top. I swear I wasn’t shaking. My heart wasn’t even pounding. The view was ultimately relaxing and I was 80% intent on jumping.

Amazing view at the top of the Cliff
Amazing view at the top of the Cliff


Kuya Boatman said – “You have to jump far over the edge so you won’t hit any rocks”

Then there was my second reason not to jump.


Amazing view at the top of the Cliff
Amazing view at the top of the Cliff

Could I make it that far? Drew took about 5 – 10 minutes to think before he made that jump.

And I was left to decide.

Was it worth it? Was I going to make it? Was I going to graduate 3 months later? Will I feel that sense of achievement that I so desire every time I do something extreme? Will it be worth it?

I stood over the edge of the cliff contemplating my future and the thrill that drove me at the top.

Why shouldn’t I jump?

I'd be landing HERE
I'd be landing HERE

As I took around 10 minutes over the edge of the cliff to decide, I pondered over the pain it will feel once I reached the water.

I don’t know the exact winning point of why I didn’t jump.

Maybe it was because I would probably take another 20 minutes just standing there overthinking everything.

Or maybe I just felt like I would be causing more delay for our island hopping.

Maybe it was because I suddenly felt alone at the top.


Alone at the Top Photo by Renz Bulseco
Alone at the Top Photo by Renz Bulseco

Whatever the reason may be, I came down the cliff, feeling a little lighthearted.

I felt disappointed in myself that I couldn’t make the jump. But at the same time, I felt it was the right choice for the moment. I felt proud of myself because I reached the cliff but at the same time, I felt ashamed of the fear that caused me to back out. I felt regret because I didn’t make the jump I’ve been wanting to do for many months now and I wasn’t sure when I’d be back to Malapascua.

Renz of The Travelling Nomad was right though, I’d still have a next time. We’d still have a second chance to jump and I want to make sure I do.

This post is to remind myself of the first time I did not make the jump and to push myself to make the jump the next time I’m in Malapascua.

I can make this jump. I will make this jump.

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24 thoughts on “The Jump I DID NOT Make in Malapascua”

  1. wow! bilis maka blog ah! i almost chickened out when we jumped on one of the falls in Siquijor. not sure if I’d muster the courage to jump this one too but i can’t deny now wanting to try jumping from that cliff too. balik na kayo dito! lol.
    doi recently posted..2011 Best Travel Blog FinalistMy Profile

  2. I would not jump either. First, although I know how to swim, I had no training in diving. Second, I have a family to think of. Just like you, I have some concerns about safety and the future. So hindi ka nag-iisa. Don’t feel bad. You will test your “diving skills” once you are in the real world after college–making decisions for huge leaps and jumps. cheers!
    The Pinoy Explorer recently posted..Eureka! | How does Baguio want to be remembered?My Profile

      1. If you are limiting your vaaitcon spots to the beach highlights, then perhaps Bohol, Camiguin Island, Samar Island, Guimaras Island, or any of the newer small reort islands would do you well. If you’re not too selective as to what type of scenery so long as it’s beautiful, then you really have an even wider selection. Essentially, I would no longer recommend Boracay. Had they left well enough alone, the filipinos would have had a great vaaitcon island. Instead, through heavy industrialization in the area the land has degraded, and there are several more places in th Philippines that can be stayed at for a reasonable price, and with good people.Good luck!

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