WARNING: This post may contain some excruciating personal description and imagination that may not be very stomach-friendly.



Did I mention I’m very picky with food? I’m not the type to eat exotic food like scorpions, snakes and even frogs – so no no! Just the thought of eating animals that I actually fear already gives me the goosebumps. I’m a risk taker when it comes to some adventures but when it’s food we’re talking about – I’d like to stay on the safe side.

So, on a very memorable Sunday, while out with the PTB Bagets on a Binondo Food Walk, Robbie of The Creative Dork, mentioned that there was a place where we can eat frogs around the area.

My initial reaction had been to cringe – I don’t know, maybe it’s automatic? I never expected to eat anything out of my usual food circle that day so I had pushed the idea of eating frogs to the back of my mind.

It was only then until the others came along, a little later in the day, that the idea popped back into my head.

My thoughts are – “Oh my gawd, this is it! Was I really going to eat frogs?”

Truthfully, I wasn’t all for it, it was because of my co-bloggers that I failed to appear hesitant and I blame them.

Only kidding!

I was actually feeling a little adventurous then and maybe slightly curious from all of the reviews when it comes to eating frogs. I had heard that it tastes like chicken so maybe, it wasn’t all that bad.

Estero with Robbie and CA

Estero with Robbie and CA

Then, as we entered Kainan sa Estero (Eatery in Estero, Estero meaning canal, correct me if I’m wrong), I was already having doubts. I was just too chicken to back out on my co-bloggers who were all excited now to eat frogs. As we settled on a specific eatery, the stall had a display of fresh food and we opted to take a look and do photo ops.

The frog images that ran in my mind

The frog images that ran in my mind

Wrong move! The owner of the stall showed us the frogs we were about to eat. I thought I was going to spill. Yes, it was gross, especially if you have a wild imagination like me that couldn’t help picturing a real frog – turned what was in the display.

It was slimy, with legs all over the place, dipped in some kind of yellowish or murky sauce, and within their bodies – I spotted a silver thread that looked somewhat like metal – “Oh my gawd, is that it’s backbone?” my immediate thoughts had been.

Fresh Frogs

Fresh Frogs

As I sat down, I was already numbing my mind to what was about to happen – melodramatic, maybe, but I’m not really a fan of frogs – or of exotic food.

A few minutes later and light chatting with my co-bloggers, the owner of the stall served us a plate of Spicy Fried Frog Legs that cost P110 for a small serving and P200 for a larger plate.

Ah, and there it was, looking all chicken-y and like. It definitely looked like a safe plate of food to eat – only if I hadn’t memorized what the fresh frogs looked like OR what frogs are really like.

My co-bloggers had dug in, one by one, and I was slowly preparing myself. Darwin of Tracking Treasure was making some designs on his plate and CA of Adventurous Feet was already eating with her rice.

I took a piece from the plate and willed myself, praying that I wouldn’t barf or anything.

I took a bite…


Estero's Frog Legs

Estero's Frog Legs

Yep, frog legs definitely taste like chicken – and better!


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