Mt. Tagapo

Mt. Tagapo, Binangonan

Fast Facts: Mt. Tagapo

Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island, Binangonan
438masl, class trail 1-2,
1 day climb, 2 hours, 15 minutes to summit from camp


Mt. Tagapo
Mt. Tagapo


Mt. Tagapo was my birthday climb. Located in Binangonan, a 30 minute jeep ride and a 1 ½ hour boat ride, it was the closest and most accessible mountain in my part.


Mt. Tagapo
Mt. Tagapo


Suggested Dayhike Itinerary
0500 meet up at EDSA-Crossing terminal; take jeep to Binangonan.  (P28 from Big R Junction)
0600 ETA Binangonan port, take passenger ferry to Brgy. Janosa. (P30)
0900 ETA Brgy. Janosa; arrange for guides, (P20) start trek
1100 ETA summit, lunch
1200 start descent
1300 back at jump-off, take return ferry
1430 ETA Binangonan
1530 ETA Manila

Side trip: (optional)

1500 (ETA arrival Tanay for Daranak and Batlag and Calinawan Cave if time permits)
1515 Calinawan Cave
1545 ETD for Batlag Falls
1600 ETA Batlag Falls
1630 Batlag Falls
1700 Daranak Falls
1730 ETD for Manila
1900 ETA Manila


*Notes*   Ka-Eddie and Mang Archie don’t have an actual charge or rate for their guide fee. However, the standard is P300 for one guide and P500 for 2 guides. Feel free to add more because I highly recommend their company as they are really kind people.


View from Mt. Tagapo on a cloudy day
View from Mt. Tagapo on a cloudy day
  • The trail is really confusing so it’s always best to get a guide.
  • The boat at Binangonan port going to Brgy Janosa will take off at 6am. After that, they will wait for people to fill the boat first before leaving so who knows when that’ll be.
  • It’s really windy at the top.
  • The trail is filled with bushes and shrubs so it’s always best to bring arm warmers, leg warmers or wear leggings to protect your arms and legs.
  • Wear comfy shoes or trek shoes or strong sandals, the trail is rocky and there are instances where you may slip and fall so always be aware of your surroundings
  • Jeep Terminal for Binangonan is located at EDSA Central Terminal at Crossing. I think there’s also a jeep at the terminal at Araneta Center (at the back) to Binangonan although I’m not sure. There’s an FX to Binangonan as well. SM Megamall also has FX to Binangonan although I don’t know if it’s available in the morning.
  • If there’s enough of you a special boat will cost about P1500


Side trip to Calinawan – should be done first, because if it’s already night, the locals won’t be too keen to guide you inside. Batlag Falls is farther than Daranak Falls and is also more beautiful and cleaner so it is suggested to do Batlag Falls before Daranak Falls.


Mt. Tagapo with Sir Archie
Mt. Tagapo with Sir Archie


What to Bring?
Light clothes
Extra clothes
Water 2L or more
Trail Food
Insect repellant
Arm/Leg Warmers
Sun block


From Cainta/Rizal

Junction to Binangonan Port – P28
Binangonan Port Boat to Brgy Janosa – P30
Climb Reg Fee – P20
Binangonan Port to Cainta – P25
Guide Fee – P300 (split among the climbers)
P403 – approximate budget for a solo climber


From Manila

EDSA to Binangonan Port – P50
Binangonan Port Boat to Brgy Janosa – P30
Climb Reg Fee – P20
Binangonan Port to EDSA – P50
Guide Fee – P300 (split among the climbers)
P450 – approximate budget for a solo climber

My actual expenses at Mt. Tagapo
Junction to Binangonan Port – P28
Binangonan Port Boat to Brgy Janosa – P30
Climb Reg Fee – P20
Binangonan Port to Cainta – P25
Guide Fee – P300/4 – P75
P178 <- My total expenses


Contact Numbers for Mang Archie and Ka-Eddie –




***Reminders*** Please always remember the LNT (LEAVE NO TRACE) creed. Do not leave any rubbish. Pick your own rubbish and take it home with you. No vandalism of any trees or rocks. No throwing. No rubbish. No bringing home any souvenirs from the mountain aside from pictures (unless there are actual souvenirs like in Mt. Taal).

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