It’s only recently when I began to like history. I practically failed my AP classes in high school and I really don’t like reading / learning repeat topics like Rizal and the whole Spanish/American era. It’s not that I don’t respect it, admit it, no one likes re-learning things you’ve already gone through before. It’s just really – boring. However, if you’re there to see the actual history in cement and physical being, that’s a different story.

St. James Parish Church

One of the most amazing places in Pangasinan is the St. James Parish Church located in Bolinao, Pangasinan. This church was built in 1609 by a group of Augustinians.

From outside, the church definitely looks ancient.

St James Parish Church

Inside the church is a collection of life-size statues made out of wood. Unfortunately, at the time of my visit, the top part of the church was still under renovation so the wood and materials were still visible.

Life size statues

The altar is simple, no special gold marks or anything, but its simplicity and antiqueness has a very special aura that you can’t deny the beauty of a simple church that is still untouched by today’s modernity.

Statues for the Holy Thursday Procession


The Church held a short play during our mass there on Holy Thursday. The play was very impressive with actual lights and sound effects that went well with the Passion of Christ scenes. They also held a procession after the mass on Holy Thursday, parading with the holy statues of saints that had been donated to the Church by some people.

Statues for the Holy Thursday Procession

Statues for the Holy Thursday Procession

What makes this church different? It’s the simplest out of many churches I’ve been to, however, when I’ve heard people say that it feels different inside, they’re right. A good different.

If you’re in Bolinao, don’t forget to stopover the beautiful church to thank God for each day you’re living and the blessings he’s given you.

To get to the St. James Parish Church, take a bus from Cubao going to Alaminos. From Alaminos, there are also provincial buses that will lead you straight to Bolinao. The Church is right next to the market.

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