Where to stay in Hundred Islands?

Finding accommodations when you’re going for a whole day island hopping at Hundred Islands isn’t hard, except probably during peak seasons. At the Lucap Wharf, which is the jump off point to the Hundred Islands National Park, you’ll be able to find may hotels and resorts aligned next to each other along the way.

Here are a few accommodations you can contact for your next visit:

Vista De Las Islas

The most modern looking and biggest hotel or resort along Lucap Wharf. Rates range from P2000 – P3000 depending on season and room type. Vistas de las Islas has deluxe rooms, standard rooms, family rooms, a swimming pool, function halls, souvenir shops and convenience stores, music and billiard hall, playground for children, view deck, 24 hour securities and water sports facilities.

(02)431-4008; (075)551-4455


Vista De Las Islas

Vista De Las Islas

Maxine by the Sea



Maxine by the Sea

Maxine by the Sea



This hotel has a nice restaurant and is directly located above the waters. They have free wi-fi, parking lot and affordable rooms. They have air conditioned rooms. A room with 1 double bed and a single bed costs P1100.

(075) 551 2537





The Hundred Islands Resort Hotel


The hotel has 20 aircon rooms, cable TV, hot and cold showers, restaurant, café and conference hall.

(075) 551-5754 and (075) 551-5753

Manager: Elisa R Regaspi

Email: hillvertz@yahoo.com


Ted’s by the Sea Lodge and Restaurant



Ted's by the Sea

Ted's by the Sea



(075) 551 2160





Seaside Haven (LS Marina 100)



Seaside Haven

Seaside Haven




Accommodates first come first served reservations. Price range at P1000 – P2000

(075) 551 2711


Barney’s Lodge and Restaurant

(075) 551-6148




Island Tropics

Room rates range from P1600 – P2500

Contact 09175540800

(075) 696-9405



Quezon Island rooms for day tour and overnight

Cottage without room is at P350 day tour and P500 for overnight

Cottage (Nipa 4) costs P500 for day tour and P1000 for overnight

Cottage (Nipa A) with room costs P500 for day tour and P900 for overnight

Cottage (Nipa B) with room costs P600 for day tour and P1100 for overnight

Picnic tables costs P200 for day tour and P300 for overnight

Overnight kubo with electricity costs P1600, day tour will costs P700 and for cottage only P400 – 500

Contact (909) 717-642, Ted for information


The Last Resort

Price range of P1500 for 5 pax and P3000 for 10 pax. Kitchen use costs P200

Call (075) 551-5651



Helden Resthouse


This privately owned resthouse has an overnight negotiable rate of P2000.

Contact 09187312151, Lerence Naniaga


100 Islands View




Oceanview Lodge and Restaurant

(075) 551-2501



Villa Milagrosa Hotel Pension

Room rates price range at P1400 – 1800

Hotel has air condition and cold showers.

(075) 551 3040





Najeras Transient Rooms

Has air conditioned rooms as well as boats, snorkels and masks for rent

(074) 551-2602



Islandia Hotel

Rates of rooms start at P1839 for a standard room with breakfast.

Phone Number: +63-75-551-3683 / +1-718-255-5894 / +63-916-334-7868

Email Address: info[at]islandiahotelph.com, islandiahotel_corp[at]yahoo.com



Villa Antolin Hotel

Has a price range of P1200 – 1500 (2pax) to P2000 – 2500 (6pax)

Call (075) 551-3604


Big Brother House in Governor’s Island



Contact Alaminos City Tourism Office:

(075) 551-2145



Hundred Islands National Park

(075) 552-2505

(075) 552-7406


City General Services Office

(075) 551-2252



Alaminos City Information Office

(075) 551-2249

(075) 552-7777


Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos

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