Kamay ni Hesus, Hands of Jesus, is a pilgrimage site located in Lucban, Quezon Province. The shrine is located at the slopes of Mt. Banahaw, which is considered to be a holy place by many locals. Kamay ni Hesus is also known as a Healing Center.

The shrine features the beautiful church with Fr. Joey Faller, a known healing priest. There’s a line of life size statues of saints that align the entrance all the way to the church and along the parking lots to the Angels Hill and Mother Mary’s Hill.


The Angels Hill is located in front of the multi-purpose hall. It took awhile for me to find it, because it was small and the gate was hidden, but eventually, you’ll see the angels out of the bushes and towering over the hallway.

Mother Mary’s Hill is located near the entrance. Her statue, almost 5 times as big as the other life size statues can be seen from outside. She faces her son, Jesus, who stands towering above on a higher slope. Mother Mary’s Hill consists of the statues of the Mysteries from Joyful to the Mysteries of Light surrounding her statue and leading all the way up to her.

Mother Mary on Mother Mary's Hill

The Church is beautiful. It’s small, but the altar has a background of the Ascension and Moses and you’ll really appreciate the beauty of the mural. There’s mass on Saturdays and Sundays in which the gate going up to Kamay ni Hesus is closed for climbing. Along the grounds of the Church, the tiles are printed out with messages from those who have visited the healing center. There are names and footprints or handprints. It costs about P2500 to have a tile printed out for you.

Before going up, though, make sure you’re wearing the right clothes. No shorts because it’s not allowed. Lesson learned for us, because when we were going to climb up, my sister was wearing shorts and she was stopped. She had to go back to Batis Aramin to change. Here’s what you should and should not wear:

What to Wear and What Not to Wear

The climb up to Kamay ni Hesus starts at the Garden of Eden. Truly, this is a beautiful place, because when you enter, you’re like in the old times again. There are life size statues everywhere starting with the creation of Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark that was unbelievably beautiful and is also a retreat center with an animal playground, the fall of Adam and Eve and beyond the man-made falls, there was also another hill that lead up to the statues of Abraham and his son, Moses and another statue that I couldn’t quite make out the name.

My parents at the gate of Garden of Eden

The Creation

Noah's Ark and the Animal Playground

The Fall of Adam and Eve

Abraham and Son


Before you go up, you can light up candles according to your intentions, green for personal intentions, pink for special intentions, blue for departed ones, purple for penance and white for thanksgiving.

Colored Candles

And then, you start the 292 steps up to Kamay ni Hesus. Along the way, you go through numerous life size statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross. The ledge you walk on is small, so be careful as you walk through. As you go up, you’ll also see the beautiful and relaxing view of Quezon.

The Last Supper at Kamay ni Hesus Hill

Agony in the Garden

The Crowning of Thorns

Jesus Falls

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Jesus dies on the Cross

Soldier sticks a staff into Jesus' side

With the cool weather and atmosphere at Lucban, it’s not a very hard hike up. In fact, you’ll still be glad to have worn jogging pants or jeans because of the cool breeze. There are small cottage types of resting places in the middle made out of cement. If you’d like to rest, this is probably the best place and take pictures. The scenery is breathtaking and just going up is a pilgrimage. If you’re religious, you will appreciate the sentiment of what you’re doing.

The View from Kamay ni Hesus

My mother’s knees are weak, but I was proud of her as she went up without complaints.

At the top

When we reached the top, I loved the expressions that were on my father and mother’s faces. They’ve never been to a real shrine and they’re very religious so they truly appreciated the essence of the climb up. We prayed for awhile and then ogled over the amazing view from the top. We were also glad to have someone take our picture as a family with the huge Kamay ni Hesus statue.

Kamay ni Hesus

It was an amazing experience going up. The life size statues, the spirit of everyone who dares to climb, the wonder and beauty of the place. The miracle that Mother Mary faces her son, the wonder of so many people climbing no matter their age. There’s just a very warm, very spiritual atmosphere around the area.

This is one of the best places to go to during Lenten season. If you’re troubled, sick or would like to feel the presence of God, I think this is one of the most amazing religiously related place to go to feel the wonder, love and miracle of God.

You may contact (63)42-5403085; +63917-8536267 for inquiries and more information on mass schedules, prayer request, invitation and healing sessions.

For additional inquiries contact Dorias Gracias at Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine at; 042-540-2206


How to get to Kamay ni Hesus?

From Cubao or Buendia termina, take a bus going to Lucena terminal. From there, take a jeep going to Lucban. Get down at the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine

By private car, take SLEX and exit through Calamba Exit. Go through Calambas, Los Banos, Bay, Pila and Majayjay and through the zigzag road that will lead you to Lucban. Go through the town proper. The road is just straight until you get to the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

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