*Pasalubong – souvenirs

Everyone loves to buy pasalubong for their family and friends. Every time I go out, I make sure that I have souvenirs for each of the members of my family.

Just recently, I went back to Baguio for another tour. This is my second time in Baguio and although, I’m really psyched to go out with my friends, I wasn’t happy spending P2500 just for Baguio – again.

In my recent trip to Baguio, I found a cheap place to buy pasalubong.

Yes, in almost every tourist spot in Baguio, you can find pasalubong stores – I mean it, everywhere. There are pasalubong stores lined up before you get to St. Lourdes Grotto, there’s a longer line of stores at Mines View Park, there’s also another line at Strawberry Farm, you’ll never run out of places to buy pasalubong. I think out of all the places I’ve been to, Baguio is probably one of those where you won’t have to worry about stopping over at some place just for souvenirs. Every stop you make has souvenir stores so it’s never a hassle to tour.

I’ve been to Baguio before so I knew how much some stuff costs or at least the range of prices.

Before we left Baguio, I did make a nice discovery.

In Burnham Park, at the back of the Skating Rick, across the road, there’s a parking lot for buses.

Cross the parking lot (go through it if you must) and behind all the buses, you’ll find a few pasalubong stores. Out of all the souvenir shops I’d gone through the whole time of my 2nd trip and my 1st trip, this was where I found the cheapest stuff to buy (which was unfortunate, because I’d already bought from other pasalubong stores elsewhere).


The hats that I absolutely adore (the pretty and frilly hats) cost only P60 compared to P100 at other pasalubong stores and P150 in the malls. The strawberry wine costs P65 compared to P75 in Mines View Park. The chocoflakes costs only P65 a bottle compared to P85 in other stores. I also bought some necklaces that cost P20 – P35 compared to P40 – 60 in Mines View and Lourdes Grotto.

If you happen to be around Baguio these days, make sure to drop by these stores for cheaper pasalubong.

Thumbs up for saving!

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