Batis Aramin, located at Lucban Quezon is a very secluded, although really nice resort. Just right in front of Kamay ni Jesus, Batis Aramin offers a wide resort with many different types of accommodations as well as recreation for the guests.

Batis Aramin

Inside the resort, there’s a river where you can go boating and fishing, 4 pools and a slide, a basketball and volleyball court and reception halls and conference halls for huge events. There’s also a Batis Aramin Adventure Camp that allows you to do wall climbing, zipline and rapelling.

That last part was what definitely excited me for our upcoming stay.

Harana Cottage

The first night we were scheduled to stay at a Harana cottage where our family had to sleep with many our invited guests. My parents weren’t too happy with that (my mother likes her privacy) so we decided to ask if they had any other extra rooms. We were given a choice of either the Amihan room which was located quite far from the Harana room and costs P3500 or another Harana room (located in the same house, different room) which cost P4000. Since Amihan was a little far (Batis Aramin wasn’t very well lit at night so we kind of got scared), we decided to settle for the Harana room.

Amihan and Anahaw

Unfortunately, we were kind of disappointed. I had already suspected that I wasn’t going to like the room, however, my parents were really disappointed. P4000 was a big price to pay for a room that didn’t have any amenities except for towels inside the room.

Inside the room were 3 double beds, a television and a television stand as well as a phone and aircon. It also had a bathroom. The room was not spacious, it had no signal inside the room and the P4000 room did not include any breakfast, complimentary water or coffee or even cups and thermos. It also had only two power sockets – I mean it, only two for a room for 6 people.

It was a big letdown compared to the Amihan room which I recalled having the same features except it had two double beds and a coffee set.

Outside Pretty Paw

The next night, after the wedding, we transferred to a Pretty Paw room which had literally no space and consisted of only 2 double beds. We were 6 in the family but we were used to fitting ourselves in 2 double beds just to save money. My mother, out of disappointment and to make the best out of our situation, took out the table in the middle, put it to the side and then pushed the beds to join each other. Life saver.

At least, this time, we had a coffee set and complimentary breakfast for two. Guess how much the room cost? P2500. It was a really weird pricing range if you ask me.

However, despite the room situation, the resort was actually nice. It was a great place for a breather outside the realms of smelly, smokey and polluted Manila.

Batis Aramin is filled with trees. Trees are everywhere and you’ll appreciate the very cool atmosphere there – even if it wasn’t raining. There is a real river that you can go kayaking in and a bridge that goes over it for those who want to try fishing. Across the bridge, there’s another conference room and a house/room for rent along with a private pool.

Fidez House


The pool near Harana was deep – 6 feet and it was round. For most of the days we were there, that pool had the most people inside – even at night when the weather was freaking cold I had to wear my jogging pants and my leg warmers at the same time. Weird, but on our first night there, I saw some teens swimming! What resistance they had!


They also had a small kiddie pool that had a really nice waterfall, and another joined pool that had two slides in it.

Near Pretty Paw was another ajoined pool that I think is for kids because it was decorated with some animal pictures at the bottom and it was only about 4ft deep.

I only went swimming once and I was only there for less than 30 minutes. I really couldn’t stand the cold.

Florentina Hall

The resort had only one restaurant, although they did have a store inside the resort and catering according to the restaurant’s staff. They also have room service 24 hours.

Batis Aramin’s Adventure Camp is located on the far corner of the resort, at the back of Amihan and a short hike away from Harana.

Batis Aramin Adventure Camp Tower

There’s a tall tower about 40ft that has a wall climbing facility on one side, rapelling on the other and a cable line that is set up from the other side of the tower. Just behind the tower, there’s a rope course and an adventure course that I’d love to have tried out. There’s also a bike trail that hasn’t been figured out yet.

Batis Aramin Adventure Camp

The wall for climbing is divided into four – easy, mediocre, hard and crazy hard. Mediocre wall was closed, not sure why, but I was able to do easy and hard. Crazy hard had a slight part of the wall hanging out and it was really, crazy hard. I could only get half way. That didn’t stop me, though, I was going to rapel next and I love rapelling.

Although rapelling isn’t as challenging for me, I enjoyed it. The climbers who facilitated the climb were great and they showed us a new way to rapell, by going down with your face down. It looked scary and only few tried it. None of my brothers and sister wanted to go and finally, I chickened out too, although I eventually regretted chickening out in the end.

The zipline was only 100m long so it also wasn’t much of a challenge. However, I always appreciate a little thrill.

After having a go at the Adventure Camp, we took a bath and walked around the place a little more. Since I hadn’t walked around the whole resort yet, I took this time to go exploring, even if I was so tired and sleepy. I wasn’t going to let time run out on me. We went back to the adventure course we saw awhile ago for some pictures. Just a few feet away from the rope adventure course, we saw a crow. Yes, a crow, the one that hunts scarecrows and are known to be the death bird and also the bird that signifies Damon’s presence in Vampire Diaries – crows. We freaked out – well, I did and raced ourselves back to the resort. It was fun.

Rope Course

Batis Aramin proved to be a very fun place for almost all the things you want to do on a relaxing weekend. Not to mention there’s a beautiful Church just across and Kamay ni Hesus if you want a little more adventure and more hiking. The setbacks, however, include the inconsistent prices of the rooms and I also noticed that the rooms and their availability – heck, the whole process of registering and checking into the hotel is not yet in high technology (I noticed all records were still in journals and did not see a computer in sight). I was also a little baffled, because when I asked the front desk if they had a brochure, they said “no” I found a brochure about the hotel at the restaurant’s front office.

We did, however, enjoy the food and drinks served at Florentina Hall, their restaurant. The prices are regular with a range of P100 – P300 depending on the meal. I loved their Tilapia costs only about P120 and their rice is soft and well cooked. I also loved the sauce they provided, you know me, I love chili sauce with fish and I can eat forever if there’s sauce. I also loved their iced tea, which was a great blend of iced tea, I wasn’t sure if it was Lipton or Nestea (which I absolutely adore) but it was delicious. Another thing I couldn’t get out of my head, was their delicious mango juice. It wasn’t mixed, but already produced in a can called “GINA.” Up to today, I’m still looking for this delicious mango juice.

The store owner was very nice, though, she offered to buy us scotch tape when we needed one from outside and bring it the next day. Front desk staff was also very nice and even if I wanted so much to complain harshly about the inconsistent prices (my mom wanted to be mad too), we just couldn’t because they seemed really nice. They’re not all that strict against check out times, however, I do advice that they tell the truth when it comes to customers checking out all the time to the customers because it really is awkward when the truth comes out at the wrong times. (We were scheduled to transfer to the Pretty Paw room on the day of the wedding, April 2 and at 1pm, we were told the room had been vacated and was currently being cleaned. At 4pm, I went back to check and they told me that the room had just been vacated by the previous tenants. Awkward!)

The hotel has security; guards come from everywhere, some on their bikes, others on motorbikes just checking around the area.

However, during Kuya Chris Catallo’s wedding reception, they found a lot of things missing after the event. It may or may not have been due to their lack of security.


Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of the rooms that we checked into.

You can contact Batis Aramin at:

+63 42 540 7320


How to get to Batis Aramin?

From Manila, you can take SLEX and then turn right at the short cut to Los Banos (or not, if you don’t wish to). The just take the road straight going through Los Banos, Bay, Pila and Sta. Cruz (including the zigzag road at Majayjay to Lucban), keep going straight until you pass by the signboards saying Kamay ni Hesus 500m. Just across from Kamay ni Hesus, you’ll see a sign for Batis Aramin.

To commute, take the bus straight to Lucena. From Lucena grand terminal, take a jeep to Lucban. Before reaching the town proper, get off at the Grotto.

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