After I set up many, many itineraries in different places, when my aunts and uncle came home in April, all they really wanted was to go to this spring in Laguna, where they all went to when they were younger. So, as their current travel planner, I had to look for the place (they didn’t even know the name!) and I had to search for ways to get there and reservations and all that.

Lucky for them, I’m highly resourceful. Within the day, I had the resort’s number and photos for verification.

By the weekend, we had gathered my cousins and the whole family to spend a day in Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna. At first, I was disappointed that they hadn’t gone with any of my travel proposals but, it’s a new place after all, so I had to embrace it. Soon enough, I wasn’t going to regret it.

Hidden Valley Springs is a private resort, secluded in Alaminos, Laguna just behind Mt. Makiling, a three hour drive from Cainta, Rizal.

Day tours cost P1,800 for adults and P900 for children below 10 years old, inclusive of buffet lunch, afternoon snacks, welcome drinks and use of all facilities. Unfortunately, none of us looked below 10 years old anymore. Good thing my aunts and uncle from US had previously offered to pay just so we could have our family reunion here.

We arrived late, around 10am already so settling in was a bit irritating with the heat pressing onto our skins. However, as we walked into the resort, lavished by great trees and nature’s beauty, we found ourselves relaxed in the shade of Mother Nature.

Entering the resort, we walked through a bridge that crossed a stream and two pools connected by cascading into the other while the water would then cascade into a second falls into the stream below. The huts were made of bamboo and the seats were also native and cool. The place was green everywhere, trees, shrubs, nature’s haven. Behind the trees and below wherever we were, we could hear water whooshing and it only made me want to explore some more. I forgot where I saw the sign, but I did, that somewhere along this resort made of vast forests, was a hidden falls. I wanted to find it.

As soon as my parents and family were settled, we headed off to do some exploring.

We found the pools first, which were easier to find because they had arrows the pointed along the way.

The Soda pool, with warm massaging waters and described to be like the Vicki and Fuji Waters in Japan, is exclusive for those who are in swimwears (not even t-shirts, shorts are allowed), but the waters are really nice.

Lover’s Pool, which we wouldn’t have found if not for our exploring around the resort, is a secluded area with a big round pool and a Jacuzzi shaped in a heart I think. The waters are cool there and when we went there weren’t anyone around the area. Lounge chairs cornered the pools and there were also some huts nearby but as the pool’s name suggests, the place is exclusive for honeymooners or those who’d want to be alone.

There’s also another pool, the main pool that you’ll cross before getting into the main area of the resort, two connected pool, one flowing into the lower pool with strong falls that serve as massagers. The lower pool also has a cascading falls that drips into the stream below.

My main focus, though, was finding the Hidden Falls. There’s just something about adventure in a place like Hidden Valley that really interests me. We followed the arrow that pointed to the direction of the Hidden Falls. Along the way, we passed by the Amlang Tree, a huge and very old tree marked by the Japanese.

The trail had a clear path, even if we had to go through enormous bushes and trees. We also met security somewhere around the trail who kept an eye out for us throughout finding the hidden falls.

We also passed a small river, I think it was, bordered by trees and bushes and enlightened by a beautiful ray of light that the whole view made me think of Eden.

At the end of the trail, was a ledge with protective rails. Below the ledge was a flowing stream. To get down from the ledge, we had to slowly climb down slippery steps. The security only allowed us to step on specific stones for safety reasons so we weren’t allowed to go anywhere else besides that specific area. Once we stepped onto the huge rock in the middle, we caught sight of the hidden falls.

Majestic, yet small, the hidden falls cascaded into the flowing stream, embroidered by fog at its falls. It was a really cool sight and the 30-40 minute trek to see it was very much worth it.

Although the resort’s rates are quite expensive, if you’re a big eater, it will be very much worth it. Included in the daytrip rate of P1800 was an uncontrolled buffet lunch with delicious dishes and cool entertainment. Afternoon snacks were also very satisfying with traditional meals to compliment a fulfilling lunch.

By the end of the day, my aunts and uncle enjoyed their trip to Hidden Valley. My uncle especially loved the massaging falls and he stayed there practically the whole time. He even suggested an overnight but unfortunately, the rest of us had weekdays of work.

Overall, Hidden Valley Springs is a very relaxing destination for anyone who wishes to take a trip into pure Mother Nature’s blessings.

How to get to Hidden Valley Springs
From Manila, go into the South Luzon Expressway to the Exit 52 of Batangas and Lucena, making sure to head towards Batangas. Turn into the left road by the Junction Inn Mansion. Once you’re at the “Y” intersection, turn into the left lane that leads to Alaminos. Here, a big sign can be noticed, stating that the Springs is only about 4.5kms more.
Other establishments you’ll pass include the Rural Bank of Alaminos, the Church of Alaminos, which you’ll find on your left side of the street. Just behind the Church, turn into the left road and from here, you can follow signs that lead straight into the resort.

Hidden Valley Springs

Makati Office
Ground Floor Cattleya Gardens
111 Carlos Palanca Jr. Street, Legazpi Village, 1229 Makati City
Telephone Numbers: (632)818-4034; (632)840-4112 to 14; Fax number: (632)812-1609

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