Kalí óreksi!

Class, delicious food and a gorgeous beachfront are the main reasons for visiting Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. But that’s not all, Zuzuni Boracay offers an amazing menu of Greek food!

To further understand my appreciation for this restaurant, I’ve never tasted any other kind of cuisine except for Filipino, Italian and the cuisine in Papua New Guinea, which wasn’t much. I am also a very selective food critique as I can become picky when it comes to food.

The night before our dinner, we had already seen the restaurant from the outside, we went past it while walking around Stations 1 and 2. Even so, I didn’t get much look except for their signboard above the façade of the restaurant.

From the outside, Zuzuni Boracay’s restaurant outstood the surrounding stores and restaurants. The gold yellow light from the inside are very friendly to the eyes and portrays a warm, homey atmosphere. Although small with only some tables aligned to one wall, the interior design of the restaurant was very smart with the mirrors acting as a medium to create the vision of space.

The sofas were soft and inviting, the cream color dashing to the soft light from the candles lit on the tables.

We met the manager, Ms. Aileen Cabrera who chatted with us and introduced us to their restaurant before serving us their best dishes.

Since this is my first sponsored visit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The restaurant separated the place where we were to dine to a table where we can all take pictures of the selected food at a better position and light.

Our group’s first tasting challenge was the Greek Summer Salad, P260 a course made out of cucumbers, kalamata, tomatoes, olives, oregano, parsley in red wine vinaigrette, olive oil and fata cheese. The Greek Summer Salad had a weird taste in it, like bitter and sweet taste – probably from the red wine – caught in the tongue – or maybe I just wasn’t used to the Greek cuisine.

Tirokafteri, the next dish served, is a type of traditional cheese spread from Greece. The preparation of the cheese dish varies by location but the ingredients normally include feta cheese, hot and roasted peppers, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and oregano or yoghurt. Tirokafteri was served with two other variants, accompanied by pieces of pita bread to accompany the cheese spread. We were served Tzatziki, a mixture of yoghurt, garlic, cucumber, olive oil and vinegar to give off a slightly salty taste with a sweet aftertaste as the cheese spread melts in the mouth. The other was Melitzanosalata, a smoked eggplant sauce, which tasted bitter but proved perfect complimentary for pita bread. Tzatziki costs P155 while Melitzanosalata is P145.

The next dish we tried was the Souvlaki, a delicious serving of marinated and grilled chicken embellished with garnishes like onions and lemon – served like barbecue on a stick, P270. Souvlaki can also be eaten with Tzatziki for a more appreciated flavor.

Since Zuzuni was a Greek restaurant, it wasn’t a surprise that they’d be serving us an amazing main course of pasta – Greece’s main food! Served as the main dish of the night, the Garides Saganaki is pasta, mixed with sautéed prawns and topped with feta cheese. While it may cost P450 a plate, Garides Saganaki is well worth its price as it was one of the most delicious pastas I’ve ever tasted. Like I mentioned, Greek food tastes a little different than what I’m usually accustomed to, so I couldn’t really have any expectations. What delighted me about this dish was its not-too-sweet, not-too-tomato-ey sauce with perfectly cooked pasta and the additional thrill of a spicy aftertaste. As a picky eater, I found eating the pasta in small servings to avoid a bitter overall taste from the fata cheese. There was nothing better than enjoying food in small sizes to prolong the taste of good food.

Moussaka, a P290 “lasagna” type dish served from eggplant, ground beef and pork and béchamel, baked and finished with cream cheese. I hate eggplant, I really do and all my friends could be witnesses to that. But surprisingly, before I found that Moussaka was made from eggplant, I was eating it like a kid enjoying her fried chicken.

And then… drum roll please.

The best dessert of my whole 2010 (no kidding to that), and the dish that I still remember each taste as to now, weeks later, Mati Chocolate Sin.
If every blogger who ate with me that night enjoyed this dish, I was no different. Mind you, I’m a really picky eater – and that includes desserts because I don’t always enjoy dishes too sweet for my taste.

From the top view it looks like a volcano and when you indulge yourself in it, you’ll realize it’s more like a volcano by taste and not simply by presentation.

Mati Chocolate Sin, a dessert of Valrhona chocolate cake served with vanilla is Zuzuni’s prized dish, and thanks to South East Asian Airlines and Microtel Boracay, I was lucky enough to taste the lustrous, devil dish or so everything that will make you forget every diet you’ve ever been on. I was actually still eating Moussaka and my pasta when the Mati Chocolate Sin was laid out. I was too busy enjoying my food; I’m a really slow eater, whilst everyone around me was already burying themselves in heaven with every taste of the delicious dessert. Finally, when I caught up with everyone and took a look at the already half eaten dessert, my, didn’t I not expect the heavenly taste of chocolate on my tongue. I think I even fought off my co-bloggers for the last piece of it.

Each bite of the delicious dessert is like chocolate, melting in your mouth, oozing a not-too-sweet but very pleasant taste in your tongue and the vanilla ice cream was an additional complimentary to its flavor. It’s like tasting warm chocolatey fudge, but instead of the sweetness of chocolate syrup, slightly sweet vanilla highlights the delicious dish. Can you feel yourself drooling? Because I can, just writing and reminiscing this moment.

When you’re in Boracay, promise yourself never to miss the opportunity of eating at Zuzuni because I swear to you that this course, will never be forgotten – especially Mati Chocolate Sin.

Like my co-blogger, Gael Hilotin says, “There are sins you just have to commit!” Well, I may be some sort of bad influence at some point in my life, but yeah, I have to agree. Mati Chocolate Sin, is definitely the kind of sin, you must NOT turn your back to.

Missing you, Zuzuni!

To know more about Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant:

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant

Station 1, White Beach


7am – 11pm

Tel #: +63-36-288-4477

+63 920 982-9848

Efhari sto, Zuzuni!

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