I was thinking of doing the Top 10 things I’d like to do in relation to traveling next year but I realized it was such a short list! I’ve been planning all year of what I should be able to do and if I don’t get to do them, then I really haven’t made that much progress have I? I was also thinking of having the list in order, but doing that would only put pressure to the list. So instead, I’ll just put a list out straight for my travel plans this 2011 – if time and money permits of course. I’ll try to be as realistic as I can. Again, this list is in a very, I repeat, VERY random order from whatever jumps into my mind first.


My latest discovery was the wakeboarding in Lago De Oro in Batangas. Am I the last to know about it? Probably. But I won’t be the last to try it. This year, I’m going to take a step up into being adventurous and try Lago De Oro’s Easy Bro Start System. How that finishes will decide if I’ll become the next wakeboarding chick.

Mountain Climbing

Greatly inspired by my Taal adventure and my friend, Gervic of http://girlinterrupted.hub.ph/, I am now pronouncing the start to many more years of mountain climbing. I’m hoping to start small with Gulugod-Baboy, Maculot, Mt. Romelo and Pico de Loro in day trips early next year before moving onto the bigger guns as soon as I’ve saved up for good equipment. Reminds me. I also have to suit up physically and make sure I’m eligible (in the lungs part).

Buy a DLSR

Being a travel blogger, you also have to produce amazing photos. No other camera can compare to how great pictures are when taken by a DLSR. I am very, very envious of every other blogger who has a DLSR.

Mt. Pinatubo

Like I said in my previous post, I MUST conquer this to prove to myself that my asthma isn’t going to stop me from doing adventurous things. I plan to do this on my birthday or before my birthday if I’m not here by then. It’s going to be another major achievement for me and my search for whatever’s supposed to be out there for me.

See another underdeveloped island

Ah… So many islands to go to, so much to see. It’s either going to be Magalawa, Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove, Borawan or Calaguas… or one of the many other islands I have no idea yet about.

See the Chocolate Hills

I have a ticket for Bohol in August. I am going to go to Bohol whether I’m with someone or not. I just hope I’m in the country then.

Get out of the country

Not that I don’t want to live in the Philippines anymore, because I love how novice I am to places in the Philippines and I realize I haven’t really been around much yet but who doesn’t want to visit a foreign country?

Go to Borawan

I’ve heard a lot about Borawan, even some saying there was a lot to do there like rock climbing and rapelling. I also can’t deny the fact that I really want to see what they mean by Boracay and Palawan put into one island. Because I’ve been to both and both islands are amazing, if put into one, it must mean Borawan is one hell of a gorgeous island.

Go to La Union to see and try surfing

I’ve seen some photos of La Union and I’ve never even imagined them being in La Union! I remember seeing a picture of some rocks wherein the waves were smashing onto the rocks and the place was literally glittering with smoke and fog. It was beautiful.

Get hitched onto wall climbing

I need a hobby and knowing that there are some wall climbing gyms close by, I realize I can still do outdoor stuff without being so outdoor. So yes, I am going to start wall climbing and yes, I do need a climbing buddy. Who’s going to offer their feet to me? TIA!

Puerto Galera

I love a party night life. Especially at the beach. So I’ve experienced the Boracay night life and I still haven’t been to PG’s night life – when it’s that close to Manila! So, whether or not I have someone to party with – ehem, ehem – I will go. Besides, you know what the saying is – it’s not who they bring, it’s who they leave with. But of course, I kid.

Great Wall of China

And my forever dream! The Great Wall of China.

Here’s to hoping!

Cheers to an awesome 2010 and another year opening!

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