On our last night in Palawan, we ate at one of the most unique restaurants I’ve ever been to – The Kalui Restaurant.

At the façade, the restaurant looks pretty normal – actually, it looks quite dark with the lack of streetlights in Puerto Princesa, except for the numerous tricycle drivers on wait outside. I honestly didn’t consider the place to be anything special.

And then… we took a step inside.

The night before, we had already been asking about Kalui. I didn’t know much about it – or more than Ate Leidy did, but apparently, reservations are highly recommended because the place is packed almost every night.

That night, was no different. We had arrived at the restaurant without a reservation and we were slightly nervous that we wouldn’t be able to get a table. Lucky for us, a couple was about to make their exit in about 10 minutes so we decided to wait.

Normally, I’d be very pissed off and impatient because I was quite hungry at that time. But from the look outside – I was curious. I wanted to know why there were so many people and see for myself what the big deal was about this place. We waited outside – 10 minutes, as stated by the waiter, before we were escorted inside to our table.

From the front area, or the waiting area, Kalui Restaurant had a very ethnic theme to it. It was an open air restaurant, built out of wooden architecture, ornamented by a pretty fountain before the entrance and decorated with traditional paintings and sculptures that we could make out from the outside.

It was only when we were lead inside that my curiosity heightened and I got that thrilled feeling of being some place new again.

Kalui Restaurant wasn’t just an open air restaurant, but had its own ethnic special theme that made it quite unique among all other restaurants. The restaurant’s entrance was outlined with shoe racks which I hadn’t seen from the outside. Guests must remove their shoes before going inside because the restaurant’s floor was made out of wood and well-polished. Even the waiters who were dressed in ethnic wear were at barefoot serving guests.

Tables decorated a specific place of the restaurant, while at other areas only short tables, mats and pillows accompanied people for an Indian seat type of meal.

The restaurant’s menu consisted of famous Filipino foods, specializing mostly with Palawan’s greatest offer – seafoods.

I’m a big fan of seafoods. I didn’t used to be and I hate crabs or lobster or anything that has to do with eels, but I definitely appreciated the usuals – shrimps and fish.

Their price list was just about average.

They offered P35 for softdrinks, coffee or hot tea and P30 for water, P45 for iced tea, P60 for Piñacollada, P40-50 for Beers and there was also a wide selection of wines for tasting.

Their special fruit shakes, which were amazingly non-concentrated just the way I like them, cost a worthy P200.

Dishes price range from P150 – P395. P395 is their Kalui Special of the Day, a mixture of special dishes put together to form a pile high meal good enough for 2 people.

Palawan’s special harvest, crabs cost P375 for half kilo and lobster at P700 for half kilo.

We had ordered the Kalui Special of the Day and Sinigang ni Kaka – both dish quite made an impression as I remember raving about them as soon as I arrived home.

The Kalui Special of the Day was mixed Fish steak, enormous prawns, veggies and rice.

The fish steak was well-cooked, prawns (ah, my favorite!) were big and delicious, and I may not be a veggie fan, but Kalui’s veggies put the icky to bed.

What’s so special about Sinigang ni Kaka is that it’s the ordinary Sinigang dish with prawns, vegetables and radish only this time, its soup was made from coconut juice – giving it an overall taste of sweet but not too sweet and sour, but not too sour, after taste. The prawns and vegetables savored in coconut Sinigang juice were highly addictive as the taste of prawns complimented the coconut flavored soup.

We were also rewarded free desserts from our beloved Kalui staff.

After our excellent dinner and way-to-end-the-last-night-of-our-Palawan-visit escapade, we couldn’t help but go around the restaurant some more for last looks of this amazing restaurant.

I definitely recommend this exquisite restaurant to anyone going to Puerto Princesa or is on their way back home. Reservations can be made through contact numbers listed below or you can just contact the front desk of your accommodation for details. Kalui Restaurant can be reached via any tricycle from Puerto Princesa. The Palawan experience is never complete without a great Kalui meal.

This uniquely themed and designed restaurant gets a very high 4.5/5 rating for their friendly services, great food, homey ambiance and gorgeous features.

Thank you, Kalui Restaurant!

For more information:

Kalui Restaurant

369 Rizal Ave. Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
(048) 433-25-80
+63 928 753 9621

**Some pictures are credited to skyscrapercity.com, ivyeclaire.wordpress.com, pausetivespace on flicker** My camera was down at that time, unfortunately.

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