The unfortunate thing about sharing a name with an apartelle with a not-so-good reputation is that not very many people see the other as a reputable hotel either. Unless you’re a foreigner, you probably know what apartelle the Holiday Inn shares the same name with and why it doesn’t have a very good reputation. Anyway.

When the professors at school announced that we were going to stay at the Holiday Inn in Pampanga, we all laughed, assuming immediately that they were joking. They weren’t.

As it all turns out, Holiday Inn in Pampanga, is NOTHING – I repeat, NOTHING like the apartelle which shares its name, although I have no idea if they’re sister companies or something.


Holiday Inn is located in Mimosa Leisure Estate in Clark Field and you’ll see a sign at the entrance that will directly lead you to the grand 4 star hotel. There are 337 rooms in the hotel and it is a tourists favorite because it is only 5 minutes from the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

From outside, the appearance of the Holiday Inn was impressive with two buildings adjacent to the other and a fancy façade where taxis and cars would park to let out their passengers. Of course, our bus wasn’t going to go in there because it was too big. We waited for our tour guide to have us checked in and once the key cards were released, we headed off to our rooms.

The quad room given to us was medium-sized. It had two double beds, a nice desk at the end as well as a computer chair and a small table and chair for dining. We had a veranda – or so we thought, but we couldn’t pry the blinds open. The room did have a nice view of the pool though.

At a 4 star hotel, the room didn’t have a bath tub, just a shower and a clean bathroom with complete amenities like soap, shampoo and conditioner (in small, cute tubs), tissue, towels and hand towels,

The room also had a flat screen television and a full length mirror, but no refrigerator.

We did have a tiny glitch with our bathroom – the bathroom’s door is locked by a chain and our chain didn’t have the locker. We called maintenance and they came up to fix it.

The seminar was held in one of their huge function rooms that had been turned into a seminar room with a huge LCD screen laid out at the front for maximum viewing. The stage was also wide.

Dinner was served during the seminar. Served to us was pumpkin soup (which I really didn’t like), delicious chicken fillet that was cooked in a somewhat different way as it was served with sauce spread over and salad consisting of carrots, young corn, beans and broccoli. I think it’s safe to say I only enjoyed the chicken fillet. I did eat the salad though, because I was really hungry. Their ice tea, was also commendable, I’m very choosy with the ice tea I drink, so it’s important that I tell you their ice tea was actually delicious.


The seminar last for about two hours, three – tops and then we were able to enjoy the night for free time. Unfortunately, in Clark, when you go out of the hotel, you can’t find any other place to go to for entertainment, which is why the hotel also has a bar and a disco area (the pool was closed). We weren’t however, allowed to try these during tour so instead, I toured myself around the hotel – which was actually really big. There are 5 floors and each floor has a security guard roaming around (I don’t know if it was to loom over us or something). One of these guards looked at me inquiringly so I bolted my way out of the 5th floor before he could make any reports about me stalking anyone on the 5th.

Each lounge area in every floor consists of a sofa and chairs for those who want to access internet, WiFi can only be accessed here unless you contact the front desk.

After my tour, I settled for an early night (it was around 12am already) in bed.

In the morning, breakfast was certainly better. The buffet this time wasn’t controlled and we could go back how many times we wanted. Pancakes, bacon, sausages and eggs were served as well as corn and chocolate cereals. There was also an unlimited offer for juice, tea and coffee. Delicious! I had about 2 – 3 plates. After breakfast, we had a few more hours of free time.

Holiday Inn also has a lot more facilities such as an outdoor pool with a basketball hoop, a kiddie’s pool, a play area with a table tennis (costs P50 per hour), darts, billiards, foosball (soccer) table and air hockey. Board games may also be borrowed. Playing these games have a fee per hour.

Aside from that, Holiday Inn also has a gym, a spa, souvenir shop, business center, casino, barber shop and a kid’s inn (for young kids to spend their playtime). They also have golf and tennis for sporty guests.

Above all, Holiday Inn, Clark was very impressive with cleanliness, security, customer service and facilities. The complete 4 star hotel is a great place to stay at with your family without having to leave the building.

Outside the hotel is the beautiful parkland of Mimosa with 7,000 trees.

Stayed at Holiday Inn, Clark Field on October 27 – 28, 2010

24-Hours Contact Numbers:
Tel: (632) 910-4203 up to 05
Fax: (632) 910-4206

Toll Free numbers:
Call from the USA: 1-877-347-5239;
Call from UK: (44) 800-014-8008

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