Despite our desperate wishes, I wasn’t able to experience the inside of this resort. I was, however, fortunate enough to have been able to use their outside facilities.

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel is a 7 hectare area situated in Subic Bay. This highly desired destination in Subic boasts of its wide beach area, the stunning view of the Subic sunset and its mountain ranges. With 170 beachside and beachfront rooms, the hotel is complete with its waterpark – about 5-6 pools, including its kiddie pool, watersports facilities like kayaking, jetskiing, banana boats and island hopping, the resort-hotel is a dream vacation spot for families.

The beach hotel is very much accessible from Manila, just a two hour drive via the expressways, 45 minutes from the Clark International Airport and 12 minutes from Subic’s Freeport, where attractions like the Ocean Adventure, Tree Top Adventure and Subic Safari are located. Just 20 minutes away, the Aeta villages can also be found north of White Rock.

The fact that I only got to this place because it was part of our school tour made it impossible to have any other side trips in Subic (so yes, I’m still technically Subic-virgin), at least it had me smelling Subic’s air for the first time – and their beach.

Entering White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel was a cliff-hanger. Based on my research, I knew the resort was supposed to be huge and beautiful; so when the bus turned into a narrow street that seemed a little too small for my expectations, I couldn’t help feeling crestfallen and disappointed, immediately getting the feeling that I was wrong about the whole place.

Unknowingly, the bus turned into the entrance to finally reveal the Hotel and I got more than I expected. The façade of the Hotel was beautiful. The building itself looked grand and the fountain in front was aching to be seen at night. Again, we weren’t allowed to be let loose just yet (boo college tours!), so we couldn’t get a picture in the façade.

After entering the premises, we scattered onto their very wide (and I mean, very, very, very wide) area.

Upon arriving and getting settled, I opted to get a look around before testing the waters.

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel is HUGE. The place is so large, that exploring each corner would take hours – which of course, I did, despite the glare of the sun.

The resort’s beachfront amenities mainly included beachfront rooms, large huts and events place in the middle as well as lounge chairs aligned along the upper beach; while on the shores, kayaks, jet skis and banana boats lay waiting.

Along the back, which we had passed through on the way to the beachfront, were more large huts containing many narra tables and further back, along the way out to the buses, two large pools can already be spotted.

I’m not a fan of pools anymore, probably because I’ve been to so many and beaches are kind of my thing at the moment, so I wasn’t that excited to go in. I was also dead hungry having not eaten anything before our 3-4 hour trip from Cainta.

But if I had a place to take my family, it would definitely be here.

Best feature of the Waterpark was their kiddie pool that boasted of large slides and even a cone-shaped drop where you’re dropped instead of sliding down. I’m also not a big fan of slides – having wounded myself many times on the slide in East Ridge Resort in Tanay; so I didn’t force anyone to go with me on the slide.

Did I mention there’s a wave pool? Two, actually and they were both, very large, very tempting and looked very dangerous – just kidding, they had waves.

The resort’s landscape was also very creative, they had a large picnic area (or I thought it was), aligned with flags and lights that I absolutely adored at night. They also had a cute dinosaur design with the Dinosaur Excavation sign and a big, broken dinosaur egg design.

The beach was relatively nice. It wasn’t white sand, although it appeared to be, dig deeper and it turns a darker shade. I didn’t swim much, the sun was really a pain, but I did get to enjoy their island tumbler, a huge trampoline set in the waters where you can jump and experience the beauty of falling off.

Unfortunately as well, I was tempted to jetski, banana boat or go island hopping but the rates are really expensive – jetski for P3,500 half hour, P1,800 for banana boat (half hour) and island hopping was also P1800. We settled for the kayaks instead (which were, by the way, free! Yey for the major losers!) and I ended up with sore arms about a few hours later.

As you may have noticed, the above picture shows of a fire somewhere in the mountains. I truly hope it wasn’t serious.

Our only problem at that time was the restrooms. I’m not sure how many schools were there that day, but the restrooms were so full with long lines that some resulted to bathing under the showers outside to save time. It was kind of disappointing during the afternoon, seeing the sidelines of the pretty wave pool with bubbles from shampoos and soaps. Oh! And the guy at the beach who sold one of my friends coral for three times the price. Buy your corals outside; they shouldn’t cost more than P100.

The best thing about White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel?

Definitely the sunset. I’m a real sunset junkie so you can only imagine my delight at finding the Subic sunset right on the beach, beautiful and majestic as always.


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