Kiddie Pool at Villa Cristina

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel (Villa Cristina Resort)

Antipolo City has a lot of resorts. In fact, aside from Laguna, it’s probably one of the cities that has a lot of resorts and pool, possibly because of the great view and the large area. So when summer time comes, the city is one of the busiest places.

Villa Cristina

Antipolo is only 15 minutes away from home, so I’ve been to almost all of the pools and resorts (not to mention the fact I went resort hunting for my 18th birthday just a few years back).

Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel


One of the most commendable resorts, without a doubt, is Villa Cristina Resort or Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel, otherwise also known as Cristina Villas Resort. Located in Taktak Road, a very steep and creepy, might I mention, road that had resorts lined up along the way, at the end of a fork at the road, Villa Cristina Resort consists of a hotel and a very large area for a resort.

Newly Added at Villa Cristina
The Pond
Pools in Villa Cristina


Pools in Villa Cristina


Pools in Villa Cristina

With 4 big pools and a newly built kiddie pool with cute small slides and swings, the resort was already at the top spot for the best.

Kiddie Pool at Villa Cristina


The Hotel at Villa Cristina

The resort hosts a hotel – with standard and executive rooms, a KTV room, Café Cristina – a bar and restaurant, multi-purpose court, affordable accommodations and commendable shower areas that could probably fit a whole school.

Cafe Cristina


Billiards Table at Villa Cristina
Cafe Cristina


Their pools, two of them situated at the top while the Olympic pool was located at the lower areas of the resort, completely opposite the new kiddie pool.

The Sunbathing Pool

One of the pools had a really cool statue of a mermaid in the middle and the other pool supported shallow areas where you can sunbathe while be in the pool at the same time – great place for any family outings of reunions with friends.

Newly Added at Villa Cristina
Cafe Cristina

A newly built part of the resort had been the infinite pool at the top, the statues and the playground bridges at the top of the resort. There is also a cross at the top as well as a romantic little hut where you can see the whole resort.


Newly Added at Villa Cristina
The Cross at Villa Cristina
Casitas in Villa Cristina

The food in Villa Cristina is a little expensive, but they do allow you to bring food inside (except alcohol, which most people would hide in their bags instead) and even use their grill to make barbecue.


For events, there is a Pavillian – slash – church – slash – chapel like events place perfect for weddings, debuts or big parties.


Newly Added at Villa Cristina
Pavillion at Villa Cristina

The resort is a wonderful place for conventions, seminars or just a place to relax. The best thing about the resort, is its breath-taking view of Manila and the amazing sunset that you may be lucky enough to catch.


The view at Cristina Villas (Villa Cristina):

Newly Added at Villa Cristina
The View at Villa Cristina on a Rainy Day


Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel

Taktak Road, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City
697-4521 to 22 Fax No. 697-5188

Weekend Rate:
Adults: Day – P150, Night – P170
Children: Day – P100, Night – P120

Weekday Rate:
Adults: Day – P140, Night – P160
Children: Day – P90, Night – P110

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